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For more Desktop Themes, try these websites:

* Impact Software - The makers of MicroAngelo, a really good utility for making icons and cursors.
* Desktop Themes links at Yahoo! - A directory of desktop theme sites
* HUGE Desktop Themes Archive at the Monash FTP server in Australia - Hundreds and hundreds of desktop themes
* Anime Theme - A collection of original anime themes, cursors, and desktop accessories. Very Javascript-intensive but there's a non-Java version available if it makes your browser crash. These are high quality files and well worth the extra trouble Java-crashes may create
* Desktop Theme Unleashed - An impressive set of links to hundreds of desktop themes in many different categories
* BIGLOBE SoftPlaza DESKTOP Themes in Japan - Where Japanese people get desktop themes
* Desktop Themes Heaven - A good database of desktop themes with a flashy interface
* Debbie's Themes and Wallpaper - Themes and wallpaper, of course
* Theme World - A good number of many themes in many categories
* Anime Theme - Neat icons, cursors, and start-up screens (but you have to install them by hand)
* Anime Things - Desktop Themes, Screen savers, and other neat stuff!
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