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*          /\____)   _____  __  / / / ____                       ____   *
*         / / __  ) /\____\ \ \/ / / /\___\    ___       ___   /\____\  *
*        / / / / / / / ___/\ \ \/ / / / __ \  /\__\     /\__\ / / ___ \ *
*       / / ___  )/ / /__   \_\  / / / / / / / / _ \   / / / / / /  / / *
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*       (______// / /__    / / / / / / / / / / /   \ \_/ / / / /  / /   *
*   _ __ ______ \/____/   / / /  \/ (_/ / / / /     \___/ / / /__/ /    *
*  ///_//_________________\/ /    \____/ / / /            \/______/     *
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*                                 T  H  E      B  E  Y  O  N  D         *
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Beyond The Beyond Walk Through Guide                  - Version 1.3 -
SYSTEM: Sony Playstation (Japan)
THEME: Role Playing
PRICE: 5,800 yen (U.S.Street Price: $75-99.95)
DEVELOPER: Camelot Software
FEATURES: Fully Mapped Polygons/Enhanced Battle Mode
Editor's Note:  Here is finally the posting for the Beyond the Beyond
                full Walk-Through Guide.  If there are any questions
                or requests to clarify parts of the guide, please
                e-mail me at  ThankX.
                Please note that the proceeded events & details will
                be discreed, due to the length of the game.
      -After watching through the introduction & dialog sequence, Galahad
       will give you a flask.  Your very first task will be to obtain the
       mystic water from the cave near the village.
      -Be sure to look around in suspicious places where items might be
       hidden.  You'll need as much items as you can find, for you will
       need it---the "Getting More Money" trick (look in the tricks & tips
       section) will not apply until you find a ring (any ring).

      -In the cave you will encounter a path that splits into two.
       The right cave will lead you to the mystic water.  The left cave
       will lead you to the lava pit.  Go to the Lava Pit first.
      -At the lava pit, Annie will be captured by the lava monster.
       Don't worry.  Simply go to the cave w/the mystic water & fill the
       flask with the water.  After doing so, Go back to the lava pit &
       pour the water into the pit.  The monster will release Annie &
       then give some of the water to Annie as well.
      -Your task here is done.  Head back to the village.

      -After watching the little sequence, Annie & Belushe will join you.
      -Your task now is to go find Samson, the legendary warrior, so
       head towards the town of Marion.
      -Be sure to make enough money so that you can restock on weapons/armor
       & items.

      -When you enter Marion, you will get to watch a little sequence where
       castle guards are after Samson.
      -Go into the house to which Samson came out of.  Search the desk & a
       stairway will reveal itself.  In the basement, flick the switch &
       it will trigger a hidden passage into the castle.
      -Before you go in, be sure to be well stocked on items & repellents.
      -In the depths of the dungeons, follow the path until you meet Samson.
       After the little sequence, he will join you.  Follow the path towards
       the dungeon cells.  You will find Edward down in the cell.  The
       key to unlock his cell is located in the next room.  Edward will then
       join you.
      -Afterwards, another sequence will follow, as the sorceress Ramu will
       end up casting a curse on Samson.
      -Though your task here is done, you might want to search around for
       some nifty items hidden.

      -The Church\Temple structure is located to the far east of Marion.
      -In the structure, show the Rosaria (the item that you obtained after
       Edward joined you) to the priest & he will open a path to an
       underground path.
      -BUT, in order to get to the underground path, you will have to
       solve the first puzzle of the game.  There really is no strategy
       I can offer regarding the picture puzzle---trial & error is
       the best method of solving it.

      -Once you have entered the underground path, Belushe will soon leave
       your party & the gate will close behind you.
      -follow the path & once outside, you will encounter two paths---one
       leads to the tree puzzle, the other leads to a cave where a golden
       dragon dwells.  Also, before you enter either path, you will also
       have the option of saving your game at the little house.
      -Within the cave of the dragon, you will notice that the sleeping
       dragon is blocking your way.  It is intentional & it will not
       wake up until the very near end of the game.  So, don't bother
       trying to wake it up or finding a way through.
      -The only option left is to undergo the long tree puzzle.
       The basic method of solving this puzzle is simply carefully pushing
       the acorns into the holes & eventually jumping into holes that may
       lead outside.  Because it would simply be too complex to include a
       map within this posting, you will have to simply rely on, again,
       trial & error.
      -Once you have solved the tedious puzzle, head towards the castle
       of Saragoon.

      -First, find a way to get into the castle so that you can talk
       to the King & Queen.  But, guards are blocking your way.
       You must now enter the sewers/well.  It will lead to the
       backyard of the castle.

      -In the sewers, search around.  Get accustomed to the paths &
       get a basic idea of how to get through.  You will find a
       path that is blocked by a locked gate.
      -The key to unlock the gate is located in the liquor store
       of the town.  Go get it & unlock the gate.
      -Follow the path & eventually you will come across a
       ladder leading to the backyard of the castle.  There,
       you will meet the queen & her guardian.
      -During the sequence, it will eventually come to a point
       where Samson will be tested if he is truely the real Samson
       or an imposter.  But, because he is cursed, his incredible strength
       will be gone, hence, he will fail to raise the column & be accused
       of being an imposter.
      -You must now go through the sewers again to get back into
       the castle again.  Once you have reached the backyard, the queen
       will give you a mystic seed that will be crutial in finishing
       the game.

	-This little town is located in a desert far southeast of Saragoon.
       There is not much to do here, but it is the first town to offer
       magic-replenishing potions for your spell casters.

      -You probably noticed this temple lying in the edge of the desert.
       The temple not only holds the key to finishing the game, but
       also is where you will eventually find the god's assistant.
       You will first need to find the Moon-Shell, located deep
       within the puzzle of the ancient temple.
       But, you can simply pass it by & head down towards the sea port
       town of Monmalt, & come back to it later when you are ready.

      -This particular town is one of the most unique towns you will
       ever come by in the game.  During the daylight, it does not
       seem as much, but by nighttime, it is a party saloon for
       the villgers.
      -If you look around, you will notice that there are many treasure
       chests simply lying around, but you cannot get to them.....for
       now.  The only way to get to them is when it is nighttime.
       And, in order for the town to become nighttime, you need the
       Moon-Shell that is in the ancient temple.
      -But, you do not necessarily have to get the Moon-Shell for now.
       Rather, you can head up towards the magical village Shimon,
       located far North of Monmalt.

      -In order to get to Shimon, you need to pass through the cave.
      -Search through the cave EXTENSIVELY & be sure to get the
       green jewel before you leave the cave.  You'll need it if
       you want a new character.
      -Once you have passed through the cave with or without the
       jewel, head towards Shimon.  Talk to the villagers.
       You will also find a path that is blocked by a rock.
       Ignore it for now.
      -Go to the mystic tree & talk to the high priest for more
       info on how to cure Samson's curse.
      -If you do have the green jewel, go to the far West side of
       the village.  You will find a house.  Go in & give the jewel
       to the sorceror.  A sequence will follow.
      -When you have the yellow blob following you, head outside.
       Another sequence will follow, and now, you have a new
       character to join your party!
       His name is Tonto & he is a summoner.  As the game progresses,
       he will become EXTREMELY useful, as he learns very powerful
       spells such as Golemn Level 3 or Thor Level 3.

  [Note:] Now that you have the new character, there is nothing left
          for you to do, but to go get the Moon Shell in the ancient
          temple, if you haven't already.  If you already have, then
          go back to Monmalt & use it. (You have to be outside of the
          town in order to use it.)

      -After you used the Moon Shell, you now have access to those
       treasure chests that you couldn't get to before.
      -Buy new weapons.  Talk to the villagers.
      -Once you leave the town, it will turn into daylight again.
      -Go back into the town & look for a guy who is sitting down
       talking to another villager.  Talk to him.  He will offer
       to trade you your Moon-Shell for an ancient stone piece.
       Go ahead & trade it.  You will need it in the town of Easto.
      -Stock up on items.  Head to Easto.

(14) EASTO
      -In reaching the little town of Easto, you will need to journey
       through the mist valley & the rainbow valley.
      -Your task is to obtain the Magical Pot, which is located in the
       remote island of Easto, right across from the village of Easto.
      -In in the village of Easto, find the statue, located nearby the
       eastern part of the village.   Search around & eventually you
       will come across it.
      -Use the stone piece and place it in the statue.  A sequence will
       follow & a bridge between the village & the island will reveal.
      -Once on the island, go in the temple & solve the puzzle.
       Find your way through & at the end of the puzzle, you will
       face a sub-boss.  Constantly use fire spells.

      -Now that you have both the Magical Seed & Pot, goto the ancient
       temple.  Place the pot at the bottom altar & at the upper level,
       drop the seed down. A giant stalk will grow & allow you to
       explore the upper region of the temple.

      -The puzzle here is based on the concept of day & night.  When
       you enter the "daylight rooms", the night blocks will be
       raised, thereby rendering you from passing by.  Same goes for
       "nighttime rooms".
      -Find the hammer.  Look for it lying on the ground.
      -Use it on a particular crack in the ground.
       It will open up a new path.
      -Search your way through until you find a room with an old man.
       He is the god's assistant.  He will then explain to you
       your true destiny & task.  He will give you golden orbs for
       each of your characters & a stone tablet.
      -He will then teleport you to the temple near Shimon.
       There, the legendary sorcerer will lift Samson's curse.
      -After the sequence, head out the cave that leads to Saragoon.

      -Your task now is to go to Marion & update the King & Galahad
       on what has happened so far.
      -In getting to Marion, you will need to go through the cave
       where the golden dragon dwells.  He is still sleeping, so
       simply find a way through.
       You will also find a treasure chest that you cannot access.
       Come back to it later in the game. (I will mention it towards
       the end of this guide.)
      -After exiting the cave, you will need to cross the bridge.
      -Head to Marion & report.
      -After the sequence, Galahad will eventually ask you if you
       are still insisting on going to Bandooru.
      -Obviously, "Yes" is the answer.
      -Head towards the Western bridge, which will connect to the
       Western islands, leading to Bandooru.  Go.

      -Guards will not let you in the castle.  Look for another passage.
      -The hidden passage is located on the left side of the Bandooru
       village wall.  Follow the path.
      -The path will lead you to a cave.  As with all caves in this
       game, there are many treasures to be found.  The cave will
       lead you inside of the Bandooru castle.  Be prepared. Guards
       will attack you.

      -Explore & find your way through. (a little too vague I suppose..)
      -When you first enter the depths of the castle, you will find
       a room with a locked door.  Remember to come back when you have
       the key.  (what key?  I'll explain later...)
      -look in pots and shelves.  You will find some nifty things.
      -In one of the dungeons, you will encounter a particular guard
       that will stop & attack you.  Once you defeat him, he will drop
       a key.  (This isn't the key for the locked door mentioned before.)
      -Find the dungeon cells.  Find Kevins.  Use the key. Talk.  Watch.)

   (Note: You probably noticed that treasure chest.  I have yet to find
          out how to get to it, but rest assured, it isn't crucial to
          finishing the game.)

      -Your mission now is to find Kevins & save him.  Go.
      -After exploring around, you will eventually find out that
       it was all part of an "elaborate plan", to use Kevins to lure
       you into a trap.  (Gee. Some trap eh?)
      -A mysterious person (you will know who it is later in the game)
       will save you. Get the key.  Use it.
      -Go through the annoying caves & collect the nifty treasures.
      -There will be a scene with Kevins & Yeon (the green guy).
      -After they both fall, go into the cave (not the one with the rock
       in front of it) & get the key.
      -Your task here is done.  Search for a way out.  There will be a
       locked gate.  Unlock it with the golden key.  Go.

    (Note: As of yet, I have not figured out how to pass through the
           cave with the rock in front of it.  If anyone has figured it
           out, please post it.)
      -Here is a nice scene.  Watch.  See-King-Get-Creamed.
      -Afterwards, a new character will join you a give you his boat.
      -It's DOMINO!
      -Sail the boat.  Sail.  Keep on Sailing.  Fight bad guys.  Sail.
      -Now that your task here in Bandooru is done, you must
       now goto a remote island called Despurin.  It's the island
       with the rocks surrounding part of it & an ancient temple in the

      -This island has some nice goods to offer.  Also look for hidden
       items in bushes, rocks, etc.
      -Also remember to talk to a girl standing in front of the house.
       She will offer to give you a good time after you manage to
       "upgrade" yourself. (This is a RPG.  No dirty thoughts allowed.)
      -The "upgrade" is basically the same thing as raising your
       status level, just like in the Shining Force Series.
      -To upgrade, go in the shrine, located on the far northern side
       of the town.  Remember to buy new weapons before going in.
      -The upgrade process is basically a test---a test for your
       main character to see if he is worthy.  You must not only
       go in there ALONE, but also solve the puzzle as well.
       Better be prepared--fighting 5-6 magic casters by yourself can
       be extremely annoying at times.
       Also remember to find the treasure chest with the sword.
      -If you managed to succeed, you get to change the status of
       all your characters.  (Also remember to go back to that girl...)
      -If you don't succeed, simply move on.  You can come back to it
       whenever you feel ready.  But, you must succeed it if you want
       to get the FLYING DRAGON and use better weapons.
       (Not to mention finishing the game....)

  (Note: The puzzle is basically a remember-the-figure puzzle.
         You will be given a flash shot of the tiles & you need
         walk on it exactly as it was shown.  Since there really isn't
         a strategy that I can offer, just try it over & over & over.)

      -This tiny village is located to the left of Despurin.
       It has many, many good items to offer, so remember to stock up
       before going.  Stock up especially with the magic-repellents

      -This castle is only reachable by boat.  It is located in the
       core of the mountains & is surrounded by acres of forests.
      -Once you manage to reach it, explore.  Meet people. Talk.
      -There will also be a little scene where a red-headed girl
       beats up two guards.  She is the princess of Babaros and
       is rumored to be one of the secret characters.  Nice.
      -Talk to the people of Barabos.  Go in the castle.  Talk more.
      -Talk to king.  Talk to weapons shop.  Get more weapons.
      -Go to room.  Read book.  Walk.  See Jane fly.  (Just kidding.)
      -There really isn't much to do in Babaros, but if you noticed
       in the castle, there is a tablet.  Remember to come back later.

      -By now, your characters should be strong enough to pass the
       puzzle in the shrine.  If not, you suck. (just kidding)
      -Once you do pass it, you will find that your little dragon
       friend, Stiner, isn't really little anymore.  He is now
       a fully developed golden dragon, capable of taking you
       anywhere (almost anywhere) by flying.  It really beats riding
       the boat and having to fight enemies over & over.

  (Note: When you upgrade your characters, your main character now has
       a new spell call Stiner, hence, because you now can summon
       him to caste some deadly dragon breathe on enemies.
       At a cost of 9 magic points, it is a good deal.)

      -Now that you now have access to flying anywhere without the
       bothersome enemies getting in the way (thank goodness), you
       can now easily goto the far northern island of Mistoral.
       It is a town composed of an elven race, with really powerful
      -Talk to the metalsmith.  He will offer to make you some
       really powerful weapons & armor if you will get some
       mitheril metal for him.  This task is optional.  But,
       if you want to proceed with it, you need the aid of the
       flying machine (I'll get to that later) & travel to the
       nearby ice cave.

(27) BANDOORU, PILOFF, & BARUBAROS  (Getting the tablets)
      -Now that your ready to get all the tablets, get ready to do some
       heavy travelling & fighting.
      -You task now is basically to get all four tablets & place them
       in the four temples.
      -What four temples?  Well, before you go anywhere, you must begin
       to be very familiar with the map.  Know where the small temple
       islands are.  Know where the crevas in the ocean is.
      -You can get the tablets in any order.  You already have the
       tablet that you got from the god's assistant (the old man).
       You can start off at Bandooru, where all you need to do
       is to unlock the door (I mentioned this before) with the
       GOLDEN key & get the tablet.
       Then you can goto the island of Piloof, where a mushroom
       puzzle awaits you.  It was a pain to go through it but
       once you got the tablet, simply use the "escape" spell to
       warp out.
       The final tablet is at Barubaros.  When you go there, you
       will notice that you whole castle/village is nearly destroyed.
       Goto the main castle hall where the king awaits to say
       his last words.  Ignore what the king's advisor says.  He is
       basically mumbling how afraid he was when he saw the beast...
       Get the last tablet & leave.
      -Now that you have all the tablets, place then in the
       small four islands with the temple shrine.  No order.  Go.
      -There will be a flashing light scene.  The flying temple will
       arise from the depths of the sea.
      -Before you go in, be sure to be stocked up on items.

(Note: When you saw Barubaros destroyed, I think there were secrets
       to be found.  I have yet to find Rorelai yet (the red-headed girl)
       but she is bound to be somewhere......)

 [Updated Trick: In the destroyed town of Barubaros, try to get up on
                 the upper gate wall that you can see when you first
                 when you enter the town.  You can find a way leading
                 to the upper gate walls in the castle.  On the Left
                 Side of the gate walls, go as far as you can go until
                 you find a a dead end.   Though you will not be able
                 to see yourself, at the dead end, go ahead & talk.
                 A secret merchant will talk to you & sell you some
                 special items.  Using the "Getting-More-Money" trick,
                 buy as much special items you want.

      -Go in the temple.  It is yet another annoying maze filled with
       fun & surprises.
      -Fight the enemies & try to get to the core of the temple.
      -There will be one part where you have to use an item in a
       treasure chest to ignite the fire & open the door.
      -Once you do get to the core, there will be a scene.
      -Stiner gets hurt, but don't worry---he........(you'll see later)

  (Note: Now that you have access to higher heights, you can now goto
         the ice cave to get the mithril metal.  It's optional though)

(29) THE OTHER TEMPLE (now that's a little too vague....)
      -This "other temple" is located in between Marion & Saragoon.
       Look around that area to find it.  Go in & you find.....
      -Now that you have Stiner back, you can now goto to the
       valley near Bandooru.

      -You will need the final tablet to open a door in an upcoming
       part of the game.
      -The final tablet is located on a very remote island located
       near the southwestern lower part of the Barubaros islands.
       Keep looking for it.  You will eventually come across it.
       Or simply look at the map provided with the game.

 (Note: In the ancient temple, there are two things you can find hidden.
     (1) look for a hidden staff weapon in one of the lights.
     (2) look for a hidden passage in the western part of the walls in
         the last room.  It will lead you to the treasure chest.

      -Even though there is a little town within the desert valley,
       there really isn't much to be seen.
      -After you feel pumped & ready to take on another challenge,
       go into the cave located near the southern part of the desert
       valley.  Be prepared......I mean really prepared for a
       looooooong journey.  (not to mention annoying.)

      -Okay.  Of all the caves in the game, this cave is quite possibly
       the most annoying cave of all.  Good thing you only need to
       pass it once.
      -Not only are the enemies attacking you every 3-5 steps of the
       way, but you also have to take into consideration WHERE you
       are stepping into.  There are sandholes everywhere.
       You will know when you experience it.
      -You will also face an "enemy" towards the end.  He has a familiar
       look.....hmmmm.....look closer......Belushe? Is that you?
  (Note:  Here's a strategy:  Go veeeeeerrry slowly.  Very slowly.)

      -Congrats. You made it through the most annoying cave &
       you dying to make it to the nearest village to replenish yourself.
      -Save your game.  Your at the near-end of the game.
      -Once you explore & familiarize yourself with the area, find
       the temple & go in.
      -You Must be prepared to fight TONS of enemies (pretty powerful
       ones at that) and be prepared to leash tons of magic.
       In other words, be stocked up with magic replenish potions.
      -You will first fight Dagoot, the archer/magician you encountered
       in the sea,  He is packed with lots of magic spells.
      -Then, use your final tablet to open the door.

      -The moment you step past the door, be prepared for the longest
       & last puzzle in the game.
      -The puzzle is basically set so you will need to bring
       both the GOOD ORB & the EVIL ORB separetely to the core room
       to open the door leading to Shutat, Ramu, & ......
      -My advise: Take heed to the temple music.  The faster the
       music, the closer you are to the core room.  The slower, the
       farther.  Also take heed to the surrounding statues.
      -Once you have taken both orbs to rightful places in the core room,
       the doors will open & you will finally face Shutat & Ramu.

  (Note: The process in taking the orbs to the statues is an extremely long
         one, so be prepared to encounter tons of enemies.)

      -You finally made it through the puzzle & you're pumped & ready
       to take on Shutat & Ramu.  Make sure you are stocked up on
       magic-replenishing potions & healers.  It wouldn't hurt to
       teleport back to the village to rest at the inn & save the game
      -Once Shutat greets & congradulates you for reaching him, he will
       babble on and on about his vision of a new world, sculpted in his
       own very image.  He will later even give you a choice if you
       want to: (A) join him in his "crusade" of darkness or...
                (B) challenge his will.
       Hopefully, you chose (B) or in regards to the game, answered
       "[No]" to his answer.  He & Ramu will then fight you.
      -Both Ramu & Shutat are magic users, so my advise is to take
       out one of them as fast as possible, preferably Ramu.  Once
       you have broken the duet, taking out the last one will be
       simple.'s not over.  It seems that both Shutat & Ramu were
       acting under the influence of an evil being.
       So...I hope by now, you still have some life left in you,
       because the REAL boss is nextup.

    (Note: You might want to check out the tricks & tips sections of this
           guide before facing the main boss.  It will tell you how
           to obtain the ultimate dragon sword & some other nifty items.)

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN:  What can I say......the main boss has got to be the
                     most annoying enemy in the entire game.  He will
                     constantly attack you with his "Soul-Blast" spell
                     which will knock off about 22-27 hit points off all
                     your characters, depending on the level of armor and
                     defense.  It may not sound as much, but that would
                     only be true if he did not cast the spell 2 to 3
                     times per round!  And to top it off, he will on
                     occasion, throw in a level 4 summoning spell & a
                     level 3 dispell to annoy the heck out of you.
                     Before you know it, you will be seeing "Groggie"
                     more times than you ever imagined.

   STRATEGY: One of the best tricks I found in defeating the main boss
             is to: designate one of your characters, preferably the
             strongest one, as the constant attacker, designate another
             character as the constant healer (obviously Annie)
                     (Level 2-3 Heal-Rain recommended)
             & designate another character as the constant provider of
             the Magic-Replenishing Potions for Annie.  The other two
             may be assigned to do whatever you please, but usually
             having one of the two (preferably Tonto) casting the
             "Attack Level 2 or 3" on your party will help quicken
             the pace considerably.  Eventually, the main boss will
             die out & the victory is attained.

[TIPS & TRICKS] v1.0

*) Making More Money: If you are equipped with any of the magical rings,
                      go ahead & sell it.  But make sure that it is
                      equipped first.  Once you sell it, you will notice
                      that you are still wearing it & you are 7,500gps
                      richer.  Keep on repeating the process until
                      you reach 99,999 gps. Go out & buy stuff.

*) The Golden Orbs: Ever wonder what those golden orbs given by the god's
                    assistant were good for?  Well, if you are in
                    the enclosed valley & want to get out without going
                    through the hassles of the annoying cave, then go
                    ahead & use it.  It will teleport you to the location
                    of your "leftout" character.  Once accustomed to
                    using the Golden orb, you can build a technique of
                    teleporting in & out of the enclosed valley.

*) Access To Treasure Chests: Remember all of those treasure chests that
                              you could not access without a certain key?
                              Well, it just so happens that the key is
                              located in the cave of the sleeping dragon.
                              Go get the key & you now have access to all
                              of the treasure chests & the mighty dragon
                              sword.  But note that the key will not be
                              there until you have reached the enclosed


     -In the cave of the sleeping golden dragon.  Go to the house where
      a treasure chest with the sword awaits you.
     -There are two chests in Bandooru.  One is in the upper floor of
      the inn.  The other is located in the dungeon cells of the castle.
     -There is one in the magical village of Shimon.  Go in the tree
      & there will be a treasure chest on the bottom 2nd floor.


(NOTE: The ending is covered next, so for those of you who have yet to
       finish the game & would like to find out for yourself, do
       not read on.)


THE ENDING: The ending for Beyond the Beyond was not what I had expected
            to be, after seeing the nice CG animations for the intro
            of the game.  No, you will not get to see any CG animations
            or any interesting ending that  you would normally see in a
            Final Fantasy game.  But what you do get to see is an
            obviously implication of a sequel to come.

   SUMMARY: After defeating the main boss, the go's assistant (the
            old man from the ancient temple) appears & after explaining
            what is to come, he teleports them back to his temple, as
            the underworld begins to shake & crumble. Each character
            tells his or her plans for the future & the main character
            will decide to go back to the underworld to search for
            his foster parent, who was discovered to still be alive.
            As they all are teleported back to their own
            towns/villages, the credits begin to appear.  Stiner &
            the main character are then showed to be flying from
            town to town, showing all the characters in the game.
            And as a result, the game ends with the main character
            flying off with Stinder into the underworld to
            undertake their new quest in search of Kevins.
            And so....yet another advenure is set.....
                   ...for Beyond the Beyond 2....hmm......

 (IMHO, the ending was very bland & uninteresting for a PS-X title...)

RUMORS: When the ending sequence is being shown, there is one scene
        where all the characters are lined up, in 2 rows.  But,
        in the second row, there are two suspicous spaces that seemingly
        leave the line formation incomplete & deformed.  In fact,
        those two spaces are for the two secret characters in the
        game, Rorelai (the  princess of Barbaros) and possibly Galahad.
        I have yet to find them but rest assured, once I find them,
        their whereabouts will be posted....


			T H E	E N D

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