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[X-Men Vs. Street Fighters EX Edition]

(1) Gouki Select: Go all the way up during the select player screen to
find a hidden box to select Akuma (i.e. past the boxes where u select
Mag, Jag, Dhal, and so other guy).

(2) Select Chun Li Alpha: Press Select (while still holding select)
choose Chun Li, and u get her Alpha version.  Same moves, only different
clothes, including the ending sequence.

PS random select is done when u press south-west on the joypad when u
are player 1 (i.e. when u are at Wolv.) and south-east when u are player
2 (i.e when u are at Ken).

-- John Teh


There is one catch to this, tag team play can only be played in vs. mode,
the same two characters have to be chosen by both players as well.

At the main title screen highlight the battle mode option and press Square,
Square, Right, X and L1. Do this extremely rapidly. If you did it correctly
the words Original or EX Edition will appear on the screen. Select the
original version for tag team play.

Go into the vs. mode and have player one select both of his characters.
Then player two has to select the same two characters  in the opposite
order that player one choose. Example, if player one choose Ken as his
first character and Rogue as his  second, player two would have to choose
Rogue as his first and Ken as his second.

During the match simply push the hard punch button and hard kick button at
the same time to tag out with your second

You must finish the game without using continues, and its not necessary
keep holding the select button 5 seconds, only keep pressing select over
Gouki and press any punch button.

Here are Apocalypse's moves:
Forward Dash - Forward+All three punches
Hand Smash - DB+P
Back Dash - Back+All three punches
Drill - QCF+Fierce P
Power Wave - F,DF,D+P
Fireball - QCF+K

-- Anson Tee
-- Emilio Cobos

[GS/PAR Code]

Inf.Energy P1
80042B6C 0090
80042B74 0090

Inf.Energy P2
80042EB4 0090
80042EBC 0090

Max 3 Level P1
30042B70 0003

Max 3 Level P2
30042EB8 0003

Secret Character
(Cheat Command as needed)

D0042008 1800
8004299C 0010
D0042008 1100
8004299C 0024
D0042008 1800
80043104 0010
D0042008 1100
80043104 0024
D004200A 1800
80042CE4 0010
D004200A 1100
80042CE4 0024
Cheat Command
Start + Up Position    to access Last Boss Apocalypse
Select + Up Position  to access Chunli ST Zero Custume

-- cYbErDiCkY

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