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Puyo Puyo Sun

Date Related Codes from MAJORBUNNY
Here are some codes for this great game. The first set is for some Date specific art shots that appear in the Options mode Reset your Saturn clock to these dates then enter the game. Once you view
them, they are saved to memory. Now exit and reset the clock to the next date
and repeat until you have them all.

Dates: 1/1,  2/14,  3/3,  5/5,  12/25

Hidden Characters in VS Mode fromMAJORBUNNY
Highlight each character and press and hold START until the new character
comes on the screen:

Character to highlight                         Hidden character

Arle (main girl character)                           Puyo
Shin (character to right of Arle)                    Satan
Elephant                                             Turns all
chars to elephants

Additionally, these chars have these effects:

Character to highlight                             Result

Draco (char used in training)          P1 chooses P2's char and vice versa
Lulu (last char bottom right)                   Random Select

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