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                         Secret of Mana FAQ
                            Version 0.2
                        dated January 6, 1994

Q:  What am I supposed to do in the forest in the Upper Land?
    Why can't I trigger the Crystal Switch in the forest in the Upper Land?
    I freed the Moogle Village, and they tell me to 'Walk the seasons from
      Spring to Winter and back to Spring again.'  What am I supposed to do?
A:  I'll answer all three questions.  Stop reading when you reach the part
    you wanted to know.  First, you need to free the Moogle Village.  Go
    east from the area with pink foilage on the trees, and then look for
    an exit on the *western* side of the north 'wall'.  This leads to the
    Moogle Village.  Kill the three things you find there, and then try to
    leave.  The Moogles will return, and they'll tell you to 'Walk the seasons
    from Spring to Winter and back to Spring again'.  They're referring to the
    color of the foilage on the trees.  The pink ones are Spring.  East from
    those is Summer, north from Summer is Autumn, and west from there is
    Winter.  South from Winter is Spring again.  Walk in a circle, from Spring
    counter-clockwise through Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and then back to
    Spring again (still going counter-clockwise -- don't turn around and go
    back to Spring in a clockwise direction).  You don't need to kill the
    monsters along the way.  You'll hear a noise when you enter Spring, and
    you'll realize it came from the east.  There is now a northern exit over
    to the east of the original one.  It leads to the Sprite Child's Village.
    Head north, fight a boss, and then you'll come to the Wind Palace, where
    you will gain Sylphid's powers.  This will enable you to trigger the
    Crystal Switch and move on.

Q:  Where is Salamando?
    Why can't I trigger the Crystal Switch in the Fire Palace?
    Why can't I get anywhere in the Fire Palace?
A:  You need to find Salamando in order to trigger the Crystal Switch and
    open a path to the rest of the Fire Palace.  Go to the Ice Country and
    look for him.  (See the section on 'Locations of the Elementals' for
    more specific information.)

Q:  How do I reach the Moon Palace?
A:  After you've gone through the Gold Tower, fly Flammie over to the Moon
    Palace and try to land in the gap in the mountains to the southwest of it.

Q:  Why can't I get into the Tree Palace?
A:  Go prove yourself to Sage Joch first, over by the Darkness Palace.
    If he's not home when you get there, go to wherever his follower tells
    you he's gone, then come back.

Q:  How am I supposed to survive in the Mana Forest when everything does
    200-300 points of damage per hit?
A:  You aren't.  Go back to the Grand Palace.  (That's the continent in the
    southeast corner of the map, where the Tree Palace was.  Remember where
    you got the Dryad magic?)  Walk clockwise around the Grand Palace and
    when you reach the front of the Palace again, you'll find... Neko!
    He's got some REALLY good (and expensive) armor for sale.  Buy it and
    you'll start taking more reasonable damage again.

Locations of the Eight Mana Weapons

Sword:  Found in the river at the beginning of the game.

Spear:  Sage Luka of the Water Palace gives it to you after you ride
	there via Cannon Travel.

Boomerang:  The Sprite Child has it when he joins you after the defeat of
            Tropicallo.  (The Boss you meet in the Dwarf Village.)

Bow:  Given to you by the 'freak show' operator (Dwarf Village) after the
      Sprite Child joins you.

Axe:  Sold to you (for 100 gold) by Watts, the Dwarven Village Blacksmith.
      Visit his shop after you've been given the Bow.

Glove:  Carried by the girl from Pandora who joins your group.  Meet her on
        the top floor of Pandora Castle.

Whip:  Given to you by the Witch after you defeat her pet, Spiky.  (The Boss
       of her area.)

Javelin:  Received from Undine (the Water Elemental) after you defeat the
          Biting Lizards (Boss) in her cave.

Locations of the Weapon Orbs

All weapons start at Level 1, so there are only seven Orbs to find for each
one.  The Orbs are listed here in the order you're most likely to find them for
each weapon.

Sword:  * Gained by defeating the Metal Mantis that attacks Potos Village
            at the start of the game.
        * After defeating the Evil Wall in the ruins south of Pandora,
            return to Pandora Castle.  Go to the Throne Room, and take the
            exit on the northern wall, into the King's Bedroom.  Talk to
            him, and he'll remove the guard from a staircase.  Go down those
            stairs and loot the treasure chests you find.  One has the Orb.
        * Gained by defeating the Great Viper, while looking for the White
            Dragon in the caves near Matango.
        * Found in the ruins east of Northtown, in a chest.  The chest is
            behind a door that is protected by spikes -- you must first find
            the pressure plate that lowers them, in order to reach the door.
        * From the King of Tasnica after you defeat the Dark Stalker that was
            impersonating him.
        * From a chest under the Grand Palace after defeating Kettle Kin
            (a new version of Kilroy, the robot you fought early in the game).
        * Gained by defeating Thunder Gigas in the Mana Forest.

Spear:  * Gained by defeating Tropicallo in the Dwarf Village.
        * Found in the Treasure Room in Pandora Castle after defeating the
            Evil Wall in the southern ruins.  (Same as the Sword Orb of the
            same number.)
        * Found in a chest in Santa's house in the Ice Country while you're
            trying to locate Salamando.
        * From a chest in the ruins east of Northtown.  The chest is visible
            from outside the entrance if you stand in the right place.  It's
            on the roof of the ruins, on the west side.
        * From a chest in the entranceway of the Gold Tower (Light Palace),
            north of the Gold City.
        * Gained by defeating SHEEX (Aegagropilon) in the Grand Palace.
        * Gained by defeating Mech Rider in the Grand Palace.

Boomerang:  * Gained by defeating Spiky (Boss of the Witch's area).
            * Gained by defeating Spring Beak, after saving the Moogle
                Village and 'walking the seasons'.
            * Gained by defeating Frost Gigas in the Ice Palace.
            * Gained by defeating Vampire in the ruins east of Northtown.
            * Gained by defeating Blue Spike in the Gold Tower. (Light Palace)
            * Found in a chest at the entrance to the path underneath the
                Grand Palace.
            * Gained by defeating the Blue Dragon in the Mana Forest.

Bow:  * Gained by defeating the Evil Wall in the ruins south of Pandora.
      * Gained by defeating the Water Beast after you return the stolen
          Water Seed to the Water Palace.
      * Gained by defeating Boreal Face (a Boss) in the Ice Country, on your
          way to the "tropical paradise" city.
      * Found in a chest on the right side of the roof of the ruins east of
          Northtown.  (Similar to the Spear Orb of the same number.)
      * Gained by defeating the Gorgon Bull in the Gold Tower. (Light Palace)
      * Gained by defeating Kettle Kin (a robotic Boss) in the tunnels under
          the Grand Palace.
      * Gained by defeating the Snow Dragon in the Mana Forest.

Axe:  * Gained by defeating Fire Gigas in the Underground Palace.
      * Found in a chest in the Moogle Village after defeating the three
          monsters there.  Kill them and then try to leave the Village.
      * Found in a chest in the Fire Palace, shortly after the first Crystal
          Switch.  Leave northwest/down from the room after the Switch.
      * Found in a chest in the eastern tower of Northtown Castle after
          escaping from jail.
      * %%%%%%%%%% (MISSING AN ORB) %%%%%%%%%%% *
      * Found in a chest on the level after Blue Spike in the Gold Tower.
          (Light Palace)
      * Gained by defeating the Dragon Worm in the Mana Forest.

Glove:  * Gained by defeating the Biting Lizards in Undine's cave.  (East
            of the Water Palace.)
        * Found in a chest in the Moogle Village after freeing it.  (Same
            as the Axe Orb of the same number.)
        * Found in a chest in the Ice Palace.
        * Gained by defeating Metal Mantis, after being captured in Northtown
            Castle by the Emperor.
        * Found in a chest behind a gate on ground level, at the front of the
            Darkness Palace.
        * %%%%%%%%%% (MISSING AN ORB) %%%%%%%%%%% *
        * Gained by defeating the Red Dragon in the Mana Forest.

Whip:  * Found in a chest aboard the ship that stole the Water Seed.  (In
           the Dwarf Village area.)
       * Jema gives it to you after you defeat the Water Beast and return the
           Water Seed.
       * Gained by defeating Gestar's Airbike in the desert (after sandship).
       * Gained by defeating the Evil Wall in the ruins east of Northtown.
           (Yes, it's a different Evil Wall.)
       * Found in a chest in the eastern tower of Northtown Castle after
           being captured by the Emperor.
       * Gained by killing the Hydra in the path under the Grand Palace.
       * Gained by killing Fanha (Hexas) in the Grand Palace.

Javelin:  * Gained by defeating Kilroy (the Water Seed-powered robot).
          * Found in a room near King Truffle (in Matango) when you first
              meet him.
          * Gained by defeating the Minotaur in the Fire Palace.
          * Gained by defeating Geshtar's Mech Rider on the roof of Northtown
          * Gained by defeating the Lime Slime in the Darkness Palace.
          * Gained by defeating the Snap Dragon under the Grand Palace, after
              first defeating the robot (Kettle Kin).
          * Gained by defeating Axe Beak in the Mana Forest.

Location of the Elementals (in the order you'll probably find them)

Undine:  In a cave east of the Water Palace after defeating Spiky in the
         Witch's area.  Luka will call you to go check on her (Undine).

Gnome:  In the room after Fire Gigas in the Underground Palace.

Sylphid:  Found in the Wind Palace after defeating Spring Beak in the Upper
          Land forest.  Sprite Child's grandfather summons it for you.

Salamando:  Found inside a stove in the center of the "tropical resort" town
            in the Ice Country.

Shade:  Found after defeating Lime Slime in the Darkness Palace.

Lumina:  Found after defeating Gorgon Bull in the Gold Tower.  (Light Palace)

Luna:  Found after triggering the Crystal Switch in the Moon Palace.

Dryad:  Found by walking into the Tree Palace, once you've proven yourself
        to Sage Joch.

Locations of Miscellaneous Useful Objects

Magic Rope:  In the Gaea's Navel dungeon.  In a chest on the west side of the
             area after the lava, in a cavern.  (You enter this area between
             two 'Kid Goblin' guards and a Mushboom.)

Midge Mallet:  After freeing the Moogle Village (possibly before), return to
               Gaea's Navel and visit the Dwarf Village.  Talk to the dwarf
               standing next to the hole that led to where you fought Kilroy.
               (the robot)

Flammie Drum:  After you defeat Geshtar's Mech Rider atop Northtown Castle,
               King Truffle will bring it to you.

Gold Tower Key:  Get it from Mara in Southtown.  She lives in the northwest
                 part of town.

Sea Hare's Tail:  On a small island in the large bay area on the west side
                  of the main continent.  North of Castle Tasnica, and south
                  of Kakkara.  On the map, it looks like one island surrounded
                  by six little ones.  Fly there on Flammie and visit the shop.

Moogle Belt:  Get it from King Amar in Kakkara by bringing him a Sea Hare's
              Tail to restore the town's water supply.

Boss Tips

If you're having trouble with a particular Boss monster, or have good advice
on how to defeat one, please send me e-mail about it.

Once you've learned LUNA magic, the LUNAR BOOST and MOON POWER spells can
drastically increase the amount of damage you do.  If both spells are in use,
and you've cast the appropriate SABER spell on yourself, 999 damage is not
unheard of for a level 6-8 attack.

EVIL WALL:  In Ruins south of Pandora.
* Some people have suggested that the best way to defeat this Boss is to
  ignore its outer eyes entirely, and focus your magic spells on the central
  eye.  This may be easier than my preferred method.
* I prefer to knock out the two eyes on the sides, first.  Use the Targetting
  command to make the other two characters attack one eye each.  When both have
  been knocked out, the Wall will start moving south.  If it pushes you against
  the southern wall, you all die... so you have to be quick.  Hitting the
  central eye with three or four EARTH SLIDE spells will take it (and the rest
  of the Wall) out easily.

DARK SLIME?:  In the Mana Fortress (2nd Fortress Boss)
* Try to stay lined up with the center of the Slime, and whack on it with
  high-level WHIP attacks, and spells from the SHADE Elemental.  Keep in mind
  that the Slime gets larger as you damage it, so it will become very difficult
  to stay in line with the center of the Slime if you move around much.
* An amusing thing about the Slime is the way it reacts to having spells cast
  on it.  If you hit it with a spell, it likes to cast the Level 8 version of
  the spell back on a party member.  Since it also likes to cast ACID STORM
  to lower your defense rating, I cast WALL on the entire party.  Let a few
  ACID STORMs bounce off you and back at the Slime, and then cast some
  offensive spells at it.  The Level 8 versions it throws back at you will
  bounce off your WALL spells and do serious damage to it.  :-)

DARK LICH:  In the Mana Fortress (3rd Fortress Boss)
* As soon as you're able to move, go over to the west side of the screen.
  Stand directly west of the Dark Lich, don't move too far north or south.
  Set your two followers to 'Guard' and 'Keep Away', so they won't try to
  attack the Lich and get killed.  Wield the WHIP, which you hopefully have
  at a very high level by now.  The Dark Lich (Thanatos) is vulnerable to
  LUMINA magic, so have the girl from Pandora cast LIGHT SABER on you.
  Stand at a safe distance from the Dark Lich, and charge your WHIP to the
  highest level you can.  Then, when the Lich pokes his head out between his
  hands, or when he completely materializes (and no longer seems transparent),
  cut loose with the WHIP.  You should do a very large amount of damage.  He
  has 6666 hit points.  Charge the WHIP again, and repeat.  Easy, isn't it?

MANA BEAST:  At the Mana Fortress (4th and FINAL Fortress Boss)
* Do all the damage yourself.  Don't worry about getting your followers to try
  and hurt the beast, because they're be very ineffective.  Wield the SWORD,
  which should be at level 8 by now.
* Be aware that you must have *both* of your followers cast MANA SWORD on you,
  in order to have it work.  When you've done this, the game will print
  'REVIVED THE MANA SWORD!' at the top of the screen.  When the magic expires,
  you'll be almost incapable of damaging the Beast.  Additionally, when it
  expires, you immediately lose your 'charge' on your weapon, and will have
  to start holding down the B button all over again.  To reduce the chance of
  this happening in the middle of combat, cast the MANA SWORD spells quickly
  when the Mana Beast swoops in to physically attack after its fireball.
* Cast LUNAR BOOST and MOON POWER on yourself to improve your damage.
* Don't bother charging your weapon.  Just swing every time you get back to
  100%, as long as the MANA SWORD magic is still running.  Stand right in the
  (left-to-right) center of the platform, as far north as you can.
* Avoid casting WALL if at all possible, as it will prevent you from being
  able to cast MANA SWORD on yourself until it expires.  You'll be casting
  MANA SWORD several times during the combat....

Miscellaneous Info

The levels of your spells can go up to the number of Mana Seeds you've
collected.  Sometimes it's worth practicing your spells in order to raise them
levels and make them more powerful.  This makes attack spells do more damage,
and 'modifier' spells last longer.  It's worth getting most of the elementals
up to level 4, certainly, although it isn't absolutely necessary.

You can get extra Weapon Orbs in the Mana Fortress by killing enough of
the right creatures.  Tsunamis, Master Ninjas, and Terminators seem to be
the most likely candidates.  You can get a weapon up to level 9 this way,
although you can't become better than level 8 at using it.

You can get some of the 'special' armors by killing the same creatures that
give you Weapon Orbs.  (See the previous paragraph, if you skipped it.)
I've gotten Amulet Rings (mostly), two Vampire Cloaks, and a Faerie Crown
this way.

I think I may have found something hidden in the game, but I'm not certain.
Go to the Mana Forest.  Defeat the Red Dragon in the cave area.  In the back
of his cave, look at the center of the north wall.  Do you see a little
Skull Switch there, or is it just my imagination?  You can't get to it because
of the rocks in the way, though.  I tried using some of the Level 8 weapon
special attacks to get over the rocks, but no luck.  If anyone else has any
luck triggering this switch, or knows of other potentially secret things,
please let me know.

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