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The work and play area of Jennifer Diane Reitz

After reading the biography of our own Jennifer, many have E-Mailed in wishing to see something of her famed collection, so finally we have provided some photographs of Giniko’s little area. This is the place she spends most of her time, working, playing, and doing all of the things a true Otaku does.

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An admittedly blurry establishing shot of one corner of Jenny’s area. Note the stuffed Totoro, Catbus, and Sonic The Hedgehog pillow, Gromitt, and one can barely make out the entire line of Earthworm Jim Figures. Anything under a blue cloth is a computer or console system, in this case, an original edition Amiga, Sega Saturn, NES, Super NES, Commodore 64 on this side of the giant Sony TV. Sandra has managed to wire 16 different systems through that one TV for Giniko!

On the top of the 53’’ Sony can be seen some interesting artifacts: Magic Knight Rayearth figurines, sets of small figurines from anime and manga such as Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Fuushigi Yuugi, and many more. In addition many consol game characters are also represented, such as Kirby, Felicia from Darkstalkers (Vampire Hunter), a complete set of Donkey Kong figurines, Nights Into Dreaming promotional items, and good old Sonic the Hedgehog!

In this shot of another set of shelves can be seen not only a very small portion of Jennifer’s legendary game collection (in this case domestic and import N64 and SNES games) but also the entire Mega Man (Rock Man) Figure collection sets (both large and small) as well as figures of the Battletoads, characters from Final Fantasy 7, and Magic Knight Rayearth toys.

Here is one shelf of anime tapes, filled also with countless figurines and toys from Oh My Goddess, Gigantor, Ranma ½, Evangelion, Mars Attacks, the Godzilla movies, FF7, several Studio Ghibli movies, Star Trek, and Sailor Moon, among others. As for the anime tapes and laser disks, an actual accounting of all of the titles and series has yet to be done. Let’s just say ‘many’.

Right above Giniko’s IBM. Wild Arms store display, Hello Kitty, a giant Doraemon wearing an official Happy Puppy cap back from the days before Jenny and her family sold the web site, the Tardis and a Dalek model, silk Cherry Blossoms (it is always Matsuri time for Giniko!), and Invid Trooper, Several Macross mecha, Rosie the Robot, Mario, Steamboat Willy, and a toy from Sailor Stars, as well as ‘Amateru-chan’, Jenny’s little doll which reminds her of an emotive scene from Vampire Miyu.

Some manga and game books and magazines. How many anime, movie and game figurines can you identify in this photo? It is also clear that Giniko loves Sumo! Some of the toys include: Dirty Pair, Thunderbirds, Dr. Slump, and Sailor Moon.

A close up of the Felicia, Donkey Kong, Dr. Slump, Doraemon and Anpanman toys on the big Sony. On another shelf she has a complete Anpanman collection. Do you even know who Anpanman is? Score yourself extra points!

A close up of the Magic Knight Rayearth, Sonic, Kirby, Dragon Ball Z, and NiGHTS paraphenalia. Also note an original edition Lava Lamp, still in full working order!

The Sumo figures, as well as Thunderbirds, Sailor Moon, Dr. Slump, and such.

A close up of the Mega Man Collection, plus a few other items. Giniko-chan just loves the Mega Man series of games.

Another blurry establishing shot showing some of Jennifer’s 3500+ games. Behind the toys are full collections of the works of Activision, Epyx, Muse, Windam Classics, First Star, and countless other obscure and well known long dead software companies. Behind the front row of titles are secondary and tertiary rows, because ther was just not enough room. Additionally, a huge collection of original boxes for these (and more) old C64, Amiga, Apple, and Atari 2600 games is held in storage. Jenny feels that many of the old boxes were works of art, and if she ever becomes truly wealthy, she dreams of restoring the software in those boxes, in shelf displays just like when they were purchased: in short a software museum. Wish her luck! Yes, she still goes back and plays these games. She throws nothing of value away, so her collection has grown up over years and years.

Giniko’s ceiling is covered with anime posters. There is no room on the walls, for there ARE no walls, just shelves. Everywhere shelves! Giniko designed the environment, and helped in its construction. It was an economical solution to the needs of Accursed Toys….of her Polyamory. The one thing she has always wanted to add, on the floor, were Tatami mats. Maybe someday!

These shelves contain Jenny’s collection of domestic SNES games. Note the set of Bomberman toys (they shoot marbles!), more Mega Man toys, Mario figures, the Mach 5, and all of the Mario Kart racers!

Close up of one of the anime shelves featuring the FF7, Mars Attacks, and some SD anime character sets (in this case, Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball).

These shelves hold C64 and Amiga games. They also hold the import Sailor Scouts, a full Anpanman set in original box, a bandana thrown to her by the Kabuki troupe Hanagumi Shibai, and assorted toys!

Some of the Genesis game collection here. Also lots of great goodies: Squaresoft’s Tobal No. 1 figurines, Figurines from Street Fighter and Darkstalkers by Capcom, Ranma ½, Sonic and Knuckles toys, Gumby, and Sailor Moon, among others.

The exit from Giniko’s area into Stephen and Sandi’s workspaces. These shelves hold anime tapes and laser disks, behind the toys. The basic wood-shelves-as-walls concept is used by all of the Accursed Toys core team. It works really well, is fairly inexpensive, and maximizes usage of space. Besides, Otaku naturally acquire way too much crap, and always need more room to put it in! ^.^

Some of the Playstation collection here. Too many games to allow much room for toys as well. Jenny has many import titles, about as many as domestic. She does not favor any one game console over another, but loves each for it’s own unique abilities and exclusive games. Note the ‘White’ edition of Tokimemo, Sakura Taisen , Parappa, and Fortune Quest. It is also clear she loves RPG games!

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