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(For compliance with the COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)


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Privacy is a big concern for most people who use the World Wide Web. Lots of information is entered and viewed everywhere. It can be a very bewildering experience as to what information is used where.
We here at Otaku World can only explain what we do with the information we receive from you; we cannot speak for any other web site out there.
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We maintain certain logging information generated by the web server about every request for a page, picture, or download. This logging information includes your IP address and your browser identification string. Otaku World uses this information for internal purposes only. We will not release the information except in aggregate form at which point all connection with the IP address and browser identification string is lost.
We use this information to make your visits to Otaku World a better experience by telling us what pages you visit most frequently and what type of browser you are using (so we can take advantage of the newer features available).
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Otaku World makes occasional use of cookies. These cookies typically expire after about one hour.
Here is a brief description of cookies:
A cookie is small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on your computer by your browser. The web server can then later retrieve this information when you return to that site. What is usually stored in a cookie is either selections you have made to customize your experience on that web server or an identifying number used by the web server to look up those selections in a database. Therefore, a cookie is used to identify your browser uniquely from all other browsers.
If and only if you supply personal information to that web site then that web site can identify you through your browser (this is the primary function of a cookie: it allows a web site to automatically adjust itself to your visit). Otaku World does not take in or use such personal information.
Only the web server that sent the cookie can retrieve that cookie.
You can view your cookies through your browser. Consult your browser's help manual to learn how to do this.
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Parental Concerns

Otaku World is a web site dedicated to otaku of all ages. Otaku World's content is oriented around anime and manga which are uniquely japanese. The Japanese culture has different social values that can sometimes offend other cultures. We believe there is great value in learning about other cultures even if it is done through the highly artistic media of anime and manga.
We make the assumption that the typical visitor to Otaku World understands these different values or can quickly come to terms with them as something exciting to learn.
Because of this assumption, Otaku World contains the occasional content that might be considered offensive to some parents. We at Otaku World advise such parents to take the responsibility of reviewing our content thoroughly before allowing your children to browse Otaku World.
We do not have any area that is strictly "kid-friendly" as Otaku World is not a children's site. We do put warnings on most things that might be sexually or violently offensive to some of our more sensitive visitors but we do not restrict access except where only subscribers may download files.
To repeat: if you are a parent who is considering on allowing their children to browse Otaku World then you must take the responsibility to review Otaku World first. We here at Otaku World operate with an open mind policy: we assume our visitors come to our site with an open mind.
We have areas of Otaku World where we encourage participation through the submission of works of art. Specifically, Kamishibai, Desktop Themes, and Kisekae. These elements are posted on Otaku World, giving credit to those who created them. To start things off, we receive e-mail submitting these elements. As part of this submission process, we do respond to this e-mail, occasionally several times, to complete the submission. Also, when we post the submission, we frequently make the creator's name or "screen name" a link to either an e-mail address or URL to a web page. We do ask first what form of link (if any) the author would like to have. This does mean the e-mail address is available publicly on our site.
We ask of the submitters only a name to be used on the web page and what type of link (e-mail or URL or nothing) to make the name. If the submitter responds with an actual link then we take that as confirmation of allowing us to make the link publicly available.
We do not knowingly post e-mail addresses of children under 13. Because we target otaku of all ages, we do not ask the ages of any of those who submit artistic works. It is not feasible for us to obtain verifiable permission from a parent as dictated by the COPPA. Therefore, in compliance with the COPPA, if we learn that a submitter is 12 years old or younger, we will, at the very least, remove the e-mail link from both the web page and the work of art (if any).
(Dec. 15, 2018) Comparitech provided a link to a reasonably thorough examination of COPPA and compliance, much of which echoes what we have provided above albeit in greater detail: Fair practices for collecting information from children and COPPA compliance.
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Contact Information

As required by the COPPA, you can contact the following representative of Otaku World via e-mail. Due to our own concerns for privacy, we will not post a physical address or phone number.
Stephen P. Lepisto at
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