Otaku World Reviews:
One-Piece Mansion
For the Sony Playstation

Reviewed by Dov Sherman

One-Piece Mansion
Puzzle Game for the Sone Playstation
published by Capcom


I still don't know why it's called "One-Piece Mansion" but I've been enjoying this Capcom game for the PS1.

"One-Piece Mansion" is a puzzle game which will remind you SimTower in appearance but is very different in gameplay. You arrange apartments and elevators in a grid and try to keep all of your tenants happy. Each tenant can have positive or negative effects on the stress levels of different tenants. For example, the old woman with a cat makes people directly above and below and to the right and left of her happy. The lovebirds make the people directly above happy. The ninja makes people in diagonal directions unhappy. The cowboy makes people to the left happy and to the right unhappy.

You can add new tenants and you can change the positions of tenants, each of which costs money. At the end of each month, each tenants pay you rent. If they stay for a full two years, they move out and give you a big bonus.

There are also nasty squatters from a rival apartment company. When they move in, they cause trouble by stealing from other tenants, making noise, or setting them on fire. As the manager, you can chase them around and try to keep them under control but the only way to make them leave completely is to put tenants near them that will make them too stressed out to stay.

The artwork is very cute but unusual, reminiscent of a cross between Puzzle Bobble and Stretch Panic.

Overall, the basic gameplay is simple but can prove challenging when faced with difficult tenants or objectives.

I picked it up new in EBX for $15. If you've got $15 and want a fun new puzzle game, I recommend "One-Piece Mansion".

Simple to learn
Challenging to master
Really cute graphics