Otaku World Alert:
Rhapsody: Cornet’s Musical Adventure™
For the Sony Playstation
Reported by Jennifer Diane Reitz (Giniko-chan)
RPG musical

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for the Sony Playstation
Published by Atlus
A very special RPG released as of June 30, 2000.

Once again, Atlus (http://www.atlus.com/) is bringing out a very rare, very special game that we could not ordinarily hope to see in English. This time it is a very unusual RPG, originally called "Marl Ookoku Ningyo Hime: The Adventure of Puppet Princess". Retitled "Rhapsody: Cornet’s Musical Adventure™" for America, this anime styled RPG is very special indeed, and not simply because it has beautiful water-color worlds, and hyper-kawaii characters, but because it is a musical!

You heard right, Rhapsody is an RPG musical, with story sequences and adventure bits sung by a talented cast. Wonderful music and lyrics create the very first RPG equivalent of the Broadway Musical. Needless to say, this is as rare as rare can be.

Atlus is going to re-record the songs in English, and do this extra special game in style. This is exactly the kind of super-rare, super unusual game that will never get the kind of promotion it deserves.

So we at Otaku World are letting you, our faithful readers know that Rhapsody is coming in May of 2000, and hoping that you will help support the amazing effort that Atlus is doing for the Otaku community. Let people know about the game, as this should be a special treat.

When I talked to Atlus at the last E3 (1999), they were just bringing us Tail Concerto, and were curious just how strong the Otaku community in North America is. Apparently, we do make a difference, because here comes another, even better treat.

This is a good time to love anime, and anime games, ne?

A Musical RPG
Limited distribution - get it while you can! 
All Rhapsody screenshots borrowed from The Gaming Intelligence Agency.