Otaku World Alert:
Tail Concerto
Thousand Arms
For the Sony Playstation

Reported by Jennifer Diane Reitz (Giniko-chan)
Tail Concerto
Furry 3D Platform

Thousand Arms
RPG/Dating Sim

Both for the Sony Playstation
Published by Atlus

Two very, very special Playstation anime-styled games are coming out this month, and you should know about them!

Tail Concerto and Thousand Arms are stunning works, rare and special, but you may not have heard of them. They are from Japan, translated into English, with superb voice acting, wonderful anime sequences and superb gameplay. Published in the English speaking world by Atlus, these great games cannot hope to gain the publicity and marketing that they deserve. But we Otaku can fix that, by letting each other know about them.

Tail Concerto is an anime platform game with RPG elements. It's kind of a Furry Laputa sort of world, with floating islands, Laputa mechs, and anthropomorphic anime cats and dogs populating the world. It has a wonderful story, great characters, and is well worth your time and money. I absolutely recommend it. There is also another great reason to seek it out, and you may have to seek, for not all stores will carry it..if it does well, we will see more anime games in general. It is being watched as a test of the market, and if enough people buy Tail Concerto, it will benefit us all.

Thousand Arms is by Red, the folks who made Sakura Taisen, and it is the best RPG/anime dating game you will have ever had the fortune to see in America. Fight for the sake of a world and try to win the love of some of the most beautiful and interesting anime women since Sakura Taisen itself. Like Tail Concerto, an absolute must purchase, and a game being watched. If you ever hope to see games like Sakura, or even Tokimeki Memorial in English, support Thousand Arms.

I have personally played the Japanese versions of both of these games to death, and I met with Atlus at E3 in Los Angeles. They are doing a very special effort with these games to serve the anime gamer. I personally recommend both without any reservation whatsoever. You will absolutely love them, I assure you, even if Final Fantasy 8 is getting all the press, and poor little Atlus is lost in the shuffle by the mainstream. So, be alerted to their existence, courtesy of OTAKUWORLD!

Tail Concerto:
A Furry Laputa
Limited distribution - get it while you can!
Thousand Arms:
RPG and Dating sim
From the makers of Sakura Taisen
Some Thousand Arms screenshots borrowed from The Gaming Intelligence Agency.