Shima Misaki


Shima Misaki is the shy but sweet girl Futaba likes. As it happens, Misaki has a secret crush on Futaba too but is too shy to tell him.

When Futaba-chan, Futaba's alter ego, transfers to their school, Misaki befriends her and winds up confessing her crush to Futaba-chan.

Misaki is a member of her school's swim team. She believes in lucky charms, love amulets, and horoscopes. She loves sweets but is a terrible cook. Her best friend, Negiri, says Misaki's cooking poisons the soul.

The name Shima [] literally means `island'. At the end of the series, we find out that her family name has been altered by time.
Misaki [ɱ] literally means `delicious princess'.

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