Shimeru Futaba


Shimeru Futaba starts out as a fairly ordinary teenage boy, just beginning at Komatane Junior High School and becoming aware of his attraction to his friend Misaki. However, much to his surprise, Futaba discovers that puberty holds more change than usual for him: when he gets excited, he changes gender. His female form looks somewhat like his male form but with greenish-blonde hair. It turns out that this is a family trait that he was not aware of before. His father and sister Futana both change gender frequently. In fact, it was his father who gave birth to Futaba.

Futaba is a member of the Pro Wrestling Club at his school along with the club president Motomura and the other members, Takeru and Chima.

Futaba winds up becoming close friends with Misaki, but as Futaba-chan, the cute new transfer student. This gets him into a lot of ridiculous complications.

Futaba has been betrothed by his parents to Shimeru Kurin, another member of the Shimeru family.

The name Shimeru [α] literally means `locked in place' and is a homonym for the English word `She-male'.
Futaba [դ] can mean `sprout' or `bud' and can be either a boy's name or a girl's name.

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