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How to Use The Guide

The Anime and Manga Theme Guide contains:
Japanese and English Titles
Artists and Directors
Japanese and Western Studios
Descriptions of Each Title
Lots of Different Links to Related Websites for Each Title

You can see a list of all titles, artists, and studios simply by selecting an appropriate button from the control panel. Or you can select an artist or studio directly from a title entry to see other titles by that artist or studio.

Keyword Searches

A quick way to find a particular title or artist in The Guide is to do a simple keyword search, available from the top of any page. A keyword search allows you to enter a number of keywords, seperated by spaces. The Guide will match the keywords against titles, artists, descriptions, and websites to find appropriate listings. Matches in titles and artists are ranked as most relevant and matches against websites are rated as least relevant.

Theme Searches
However, you may be wondering about all these weird little picture buttons. In Anime and Manga, there are certain themes and cliches which are common to many different titles.

For example, Comedy and Drama are universal themes of entertainment. Other themes that are generally more limited to Anime and Manga are Magical Girls, Ninja, and Mecha.

Each button represents a different theme. If you are using a Javascript-aware browser, such as Netscape Navigator 3.0, pointing at a given button will show the name of the button's theme on your status bar.

You can also refer to the Key to Themes by selecting the button the for that theme or by selecting the KEY button from the control panel.

Each title listed in the The Guide has been checked for each theme. If you select a title which you already know that you enjoy, you can select the Find Similar button beside that title to find other titles which have the same themes.

Now, this is the clever bit: Suppose you want to find a title which features Magical Girls but you don't have any particular title in mind. You can perform a Theme Search from either the Theme Search page or by using the button bar at the top of the Frames Version of the Guide.

With a Theme Search, you can combine any number of themes that you enjoy and the Guide will produce a list of titles which contain as many of those themes as possible.

Parents of young children may be interested in titles which contain the Kids theme which indicates easy to follow storylines, generally intended for young children. (Not all Anime and Manga are aimed at young children.)

Parents may also wish to watch out for titles which contain the Sex theme which indicates explicit sex. (Save those shows to watch when the kids have gone to bed.)

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