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Once you have a KiSS viewing program, you can browse through this collection hundreds of KiSS dolls with cross-referencing by artist, filename, source and content.

Please bear in mind that, sometimes, when you remove a doll's clothing, the doll will be naked. If you are opposed to nudity or think it's evil or sinful, be sure to screen your dolls carefully. There is no longer an All Ages rating. (If you want to know why it was removed, read about it here.)

Dolls featured here do not necessarily reflect the views of Otaku World.

newRecent Addition: Added within the last two weeks.
choiceEditor's Choice: Dolls I thought were well done awardEditor's Award: Dolls I thought were the Best of the Best
fkissFKiSS Enhanced: Experimental special effects enhancements. Supported by most viewers. fkiss2FKiSS2 Enhanced: Even more experimental special effects. Not supported by all viewers.
fkiss3FKiSS3 Enhanced: Even more experimental effects. Supported by a few viewers. fkiss4FKiSS4 Enhanced: The very latest edition of FKiSS. Supported by Direct KiSS and PlayKiSS.
ckissCKiSS Color Enhanced: Cherry KiSS 24-bit color enhanced dolls. Not all viewers support CKiSS format. enhanced paletteEnhanced Palette: Enhanced Palette is VERY experimental. It allows dolls to use multiple 256-color palettes. This is generally considered to be a "bad thing". Use at your own risk.
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