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KiSS dolls are stored in LHA/LZH format. LZH is a type of archival-compression file, similar to ZIP, SIT, and so on. It's not the same compression type though so you can't use ZIP or SIT programs to work with LHA/LZH files.

There are two ways to use the LHA DOS-based command-line utility. You can either use it directly from the command-line in DOS or you can set up a program like WinZIP to use it through a DOS shell. The WinZIP method would probably be easiest for people who really have no idea what to do with DOS.

Either way, your first step is to open up the self-extracting LHA255E.exe file. It's an archived file which contains the LHA program and some documentation. When you execute the file, it will create all those other littler files in whatever folder you the LHA255E.exe program is located.

First, make a folder called LHA. You can do this through the Windows Explorer or by going to DOS and typing:
md c:\lha

Now, place LHA255E.exe in that folder and then execute it. You'll see a DOS window which shows that the files have de-archived. One of them will be called LHA.exe. That's the actual LHA program which you'll be using.

Now, if you want to use the WinZIP method, you should go into WinZIP and tell it where LHA.exe is. Look under the Options - Program Locations... menu and then give it the location of LHA.exe which should be C:\LHA\LHA.EXE
You will then be able to use WinZIP to handle LZH/LHA files. If you have trouble with this part, contact WinZIP tech support.

If, like me, you prefer to use LHA directly on the command-line (useful if you're using the PCX2CEL or GIF2CEL utilities), you just need to add C:\LHA\ to your PATH. Here's how you do it: Click on Start - Run... In the little box, type sysedit. Find, the document called C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. At the end of that document, add this line:
Now, save the document, exit the editor, and reboot your computer. From then on, you can use LHA from anywhere in DOS just like using and DOS command. Just type LHA by itself to see a list of command-line parameters.

I hope that this explanation proves helpful. If you still can't work out how to use LHA, I'm sorry but you're on your own.

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