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Known Bugs for PlayFKiSS

PlayFKiSS is an excellent KiSS viewing program but it does have a few bugs. If you're just using PlayFKiSS to play with KiSS dolls, these bugs probably won't matter to you. However, if you plan to use PlayFKiSS to help you create new KiSS dolls, you need to be aware of these bugs.

  • Save-Transparency Crash Bug:

    PlayFKiSS 0.83 and up has a known bug related to Saving a CNF and transparency. When you Save, if there are any transparent() commands in the initialize() event of your CNF, PlayFKiSS will crash when it reaches that part of the CNF.

    To make matters worse, if transparency has been implemented some other way, such as use the %t notation in the CEL declarations, PlayFKiSS tries to be helpful by adding transparent() commands to initialize() event when you Save so that, the next time you Save, the transparency crash bug will get you.

    Fortunately, since this bug is very predictable, it is easy to avoid once you know about it.

    Always, always, always, use Save As to save to a new CNF. That way, if it does crash, you will not lose everything you've done in previous sessions. Back-ups are Good. Overwriting your only working copy of your CNF is like walking a tightrope with no net.

    If you have transparency in your doll, keep those transparent() commands out of the initialize() event. There a couple of ways to achieve this:

    • Put your transparent() in a different event. For example, you could put them in the begin() event or, if it's an FKiSS 3 doll, you could put them in a label() event which you gosub() from the initialize() event.
    • Put the transparent() commands in the initialize() section but ONLY do it after you've finished all the other stuff and won't need to use PlayFKiSS to save position data anymore.
    • Use the ;%t format to set transparency. Instead of using transparent() commands, you set the transparency in the CEL declaration like this...

        #5 gauze.cel ;%t128 ;I can put more comments out her

    Whichever method you use, don't forget to use Save As to save to a new CNF every time because PlayFKiSS will still try to be helpful and add those transparent() commands to initialize() event when you Save so that, the next time you Save, the transparency crash bug will get you.

  • Music Bug:

    You can use the FKiSS command music() to play a MIDI file in your doll. However, if you try to load the doll directly from an uncompressed CNF, it will not be able to play the MIDI file and will mistakenly claim that it can't find the file. PlayFKiSS will only play the MIDI file once the doll is in LZH format.

  • 16-color Cel Bug:

    If you create or a 256-color or CKiSS cel in PlayFKiSS, you can save the cel to disk. If you try to do the same thing with a 16-color cel, it won't work; the cel will be saved as a blank image. You must use a different program to create 16-color cels.

  • Ghost Inversion Bug:

    The ghost() command has been implemented backwards in PlayFKiSS. ghost("mist.cel", 1) is the correct way to make a cel unclickable but PlayFKiSS mistakenly turns on ghosting only when you set it to 0. No other KiSS viewer duplicates this bug so it is important to compensate for it in both ways.

    Here is a simple example of code that would set up ghosting on both PlayFKiSS and other viewers:

    #5 mist.cel

    ;@ ghost("mist.cel", 1) ;; correctly sets ghosting

    ;@press("mist.cel") ;; only happens if ghosting is not on
    ;@ ghost("mist.cel", 0) ;; set ghosting backwards for PlayFKiSS
  • Carriage Return bug:

    There must be a carriage return at the end of the last line of a CNF. If there is not, PlayFKiSS will not be able to read that last line.

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