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If you don't know what Furcadia is, it's the magical world where the Beasts have learned to walk upon two legs and speak, a multiplayer online game with 3D rendered animated graphics, magnificent music, whimsical games, a friendly atmosphere, and an exciting setting for roleplay and adventure.

You can find out more about Furcadia at

On this page, you'll find my Furcadia goodies: add-ons, maps, and other neat stuff.

I also have a small sketch gallery.

You can also read up on my helpful tips on working with the Furcadia palette when making new portrait sets. Note that these tips are for people who already know how to make a portrait set and just want to be able to make better ones. I don't give lessons in how to make sets from scratch.

The Goodies

Sylia's Portrait Sets

Portrait Set: Toon (52k)
Portrait Set: Realism (56k)
Portrait Set: KAWAII! (53k)

When you install one of these alternate portrait sets in your Furcadia directory, it will use these template pictures for when you look at other Furres. It won't affect how other Furres see you (unless they're using this portrait set as well). All the hair colors, fur colors, and so on change depending on who you're looking at, just like the original portraits.

Also, be sure to visit Carrie O'Kaye's Den, Whitewind's Page, and Furcadia Tonite! for other new Furcadia portraits as well!

Sylia's Player Sets

Sylia's Alternate Player Set (72k)
Rodents with Markings! Version 2

Rodent graphics and Furre markings! Use this patch to allow rodents to have walkabout graphics all their own.

Sylia's Furcadia Utilities

Sylia's Furcadia to GIF Utilities v0.1 (81k)
Make GIF images of your Furcadia Character!

This a simple DOS utility that will allow you to make GIF images of your Furcadia character. There are two utilities included, one to make a GIF image of your portrait and a second to make animated GIF images of your player! All the little GIF images on this page were made using these utilities.

Sylia's FurcPort: The Furcadia Portrait Palette Utility (50k)
A Simple Palette Matching Tool

This is a very crude DOS utility but you might find it useful when making portrait sets for Furcadia portrait sets. You still have to do all the drawing yourself but this will make converting your images to the proper Furcadia paletted colors easier. Keep in mind that this is only a helping tool for advanced users. It does not make portrait sets. To use it, it will be necessary to be familiar with the Furcadia FSH file format and the established PCX-FSH conversion utilities. I do not give lessons in HOW to make portrait sets. Any requests for help will be deleted. Repeated requests will earn derisive response.

Sylia's FurShore: The Furcadia Shoreline Smoother v1.1 (32k)
A Dream Map Enhancing Tool

Say you have a dream map and you've blocked out areas of grass and dirt and sand and water but the little coastlines are too hard to get right. FurShore will examine your map and create a new map with all the little transitional floor tiles filled in for you. Version 1.1 adds better memory support. I just forgot to compile the earlier version with a large enough memory model.

Sylia's Dream Maps

The Ostrix Race! (19k): A new take on a classic Furcadian theme.

Now's your chance to sneak a peak at my DragonSpeak technique.

Furcadia Links

These are just a few of the many wonderful Furcadia links:

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