Enhanced Palette Dolls

XKiss (enhanced palette) Enhanced Palette is a VERY experimental extension to normal KiSS dolls which allows multiple 256-color palettes. It is not supported by all KiSS viewers. On viewers which don't support enhanced palette, your computer may crash. Use at your own risk.
Harry Potter
*Harry Potter FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Madame Malkin's Boutique FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Sakura-Slot FKiss2Editor's Choice

O-kami to Ko-shinryo
*Horo FKiss2Editor's Choice

The Little Mermaid
*The Little Mermaid FKiss2CKiss

*Morrigan and Lilith FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Chocolaterie FKissEditor's Choice

Self Portraits
*Luiza v2 FKissEditor's Choice

Fairy Tales
*Once Upon a Time FKiss3Editor's Award

Original Character
*Audrey FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Chase Extras (Expansion Set) FKiss3Editor's Award
*Sailor Eris/Kitara FKiss2CKiss
*Lainey FKiss3Editor's Choice
*Lisa (by London) FKiss4Editor's Choice
*Sunice FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Snow FKiss2Editor's Award