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Icons and Guidelines for Linking to Us

If you have a web page and would like to add a link to the Big KiSS Page, I'd be very happy to have you do so. I hereby grant permission in advance.

Please point your links to the URL

If you would like to include an image for the link, here are a few icons you might choose from:

KiSS Viewers
Free KiSS Zone
KiSS Doll Library
Help with KiSS
KiSS-Making Tools
Back to Otaku World
191 x 182 pixels
6622 bytes
96 x 91 pixels
2620 bytes
The Big KiSS Page bkptitle.gif
142 x 96 pixels
2165 bytes
The Big KiSS Page minibanner.gif
200 x 40 pixels
5124 bytes

You may also use any of the other icons from the title section of any page of the Big KiSS Page.

Permission to use any of these images is granted only for unmodified use as a link to the Big KiSS Page. These icons and images remain copyright 1996 to present to Dov Sherman, all rights reserved.

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