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General KiSS Sites

[website] The Invisible KiSS Links
A massive list of links to KiSS sites. If you're looking for something new, it's a great place to start.
Maintained by tea in Invisible Phan's temporary absence.

[website] Kawaiiness Is Everywhere
This website features a modest collection of KiSS dolls for free download. There aren't a huge number of dolls available and the site hasn't been updated in years.
Maintained by Sushi_girl.

KiSS Club
A community of Kisekae authors who share their dolls and passion for all things Kisekae.
Maintained by members of the KiSS community.

Here's an Angelfire site which is featuring free downloads of a small number of KiSS dolls. No new dolls have been added in a very long time but it's still a good place to pick up a few dolls from a variety of artists.
Maintained by K lazo.

[website] KiSS Town
KiSS Town highlights KiSS dolls by many different artists.
Maintained by topleka.

[website] KiSS Embassy
Based in Poland, the KiSS Embassy maintains a modest archive of KiSS sets.
Maintained by Mimi Billewicz.

[website] KiSS review
tea and Ronsencrantz maintain a LiveJournal featuring very insightful critiques and reviews of new KiSS dolls posted on the Big KiSS Page. No new reviews have been added since 2004 but the existing reviews may be helpful to those browsing the KiSS doll library here on Otaku World. They don't review every new doll but they'll tell you what works, what doesn't, and how they would vote on each doll they review.
Maintained by tea and Rosencrantz.

[website] HnH Times
An excellent KiSS newspaper with editorials and some very avant-garde dolls. This is a good place to see KiSS sets that go in new directions. Unfortunately, the site hasn't been updated since 2002.
Maintained by Dominatrix.

[website] The Erotic KiSS Page
Naughty dolls. Very naughty dolls.
Maintained by Glyndon.

[website] World KiSS Project
An excellent guild for Japanese KiSS artists, featuring work by many of the greatest KiSS artists in Japan. This page is in Japanese language only.
Maintained by Light and ELME (I think).

[website] International KiSS Guild
You've been seeing the logo for the International KiSS Guild in KiSS sets and websites for ages but you've never known exactly what it was all about. Here's where you can find out.
Maintained by Dov Sherman.

KiSS Discussion Forums

[website] Otaku World Forums
Of course, the Otaku World Forums include an area dedicated to KiSS and you don't have to be a subscriber to register for the forums here.

[website] Kisekae @ OI
A simple but popular discussion board frequented by many of the KiSS artists. Discussion ranges from artistic to technical.
Maintained by Elaine MC.

[website] The KiSS Mailing List
You can sign up for the KiSS Mailing List, an e-mail discussion forum with a stronger focus on very technical aspects of KiSS. Please bear in mind that the discussions there can generate a LOT of mail sometimes.
Maintained by Hitoshi Doi.

KiSS Artist Sites

Here are links to the websites for every KiSS artist who has a doll on Otaku World.

[website] Aa B. [website] Aalecsy [website] Abigail
[website] Aerieyna [website] Agent Dax [website] Aisuru
[website] Akaiko Nozomi [website] Akkhima [website] Alcy
[website] Alex [website] alex88 [website] Alexandraite
[website] Aline [website] ALLY [website] Alundra Blue
[website] Amaryllis [website] Amber Hartte [website] AmBiE
[website] Amiko-Chan [website] amphetamine [website] Amy
[website] Amy Karas [website] Amy_chan [website] Angel J.
[website] Anikka [website] Animehamster [website] Animemoon
[website] anonion [website] Aquantis [website] Aragonite
[website] archfiend [website] Arie [website] ARKX
[website] Artemis [website] Ashlleeh [website] Asuka Miyu
[website] Avi [website] Ayokaeu [website] Azoth
[website] BakuretuKen [website] Batchix [website] BBKitty
[website] Beatrix [website] Becky [website] The Bengal Tiger
[website] Beshanii [website] beth [website] Bikini Queenie
[website] Biophage [website] Breña-chan [website] Briiko
[website] The Brothers Grinn [website] Buffy [website] Buttercupsaiyajin
[website] Cassidy [website] Cata [website] CatKiSS Corp
[website] CCTwilight [website] Celeste [website] Chad Randall
[website] ChaosDiscordia [website] Charles [website] Charon
[website] Cherise [website] Chestnut [website] Chibi Alex-chan
[website] Chibi J [website] ChibiLady [website] ChibiTenshi
[website] Chicken-Cherry & Dip-C Productions [website] Chidori [website] chikareggae
[website] Chris Boggs [website] Chrissy [website] Chun
[website] CiCi [website] Colleen Levac [website] Corazón
[website] Corrosive Rain [website] Crazed Fangirl [website] Cutter
[website] Daisy [website] Daisyhead [website] Dalmy-Chan
[website] Dameth [website] Danika [website] DarkStorm
[website] Dave [website] Dawn Hall [website] Dead Chick
[website] Dead_Gem [website] Deena [website] dEPth
[website] Diana [website] Diana Poulsen [website] Died
[website] Digi_Kitty_Angel [website] dip-C [website] Dmystry
[website] Dominatrix [website] Dootsie Bug [website] Dorrottka
[website] Dotty [website] Dov Sherman [website] Dreamer
[website] drowning*girl [website] Duchess of Buffonia [website] Duckie
[website] EchoWave [website] Eddie V [website] ElaineMC
[website] ELME [website] Elvira [website] Ely
[website] Emby Quinn [website] Emerald [website] Eneko
[website] Enigma O [website] eph [website] EQ
[website] Erizabezu [website] Espy [website] Eugeal
[website] Eukarya [website] the fallen angel [website] Fata Morgana
[website] Fel Serrano [website] Fianna [website] FireCracker
[website] Firefly [website] Fokkusu [website] Forsaken Child
[website] Fox Lee [website] The Francine KiSS Contest [website] Frank Vaculin
[website] FreeJJ [website] FrostDemn [website] Fuchsia
[website] Genki Senshi [website] Ghostewolf [website] GJ
[website] Goth hampster [website] grEEEn [website] GrubbyBug
[website] Gryphongrl [website] Gwynn Kirkaldy [website] Hael
[website] Haley [website] Hanna Engkvist [website] Hannes
[website] Harper [website] Hazel [website] henrique
[website] Hiei-No-Miko [website] Hiiragi [website] Hikaru Heliotrope
[website] Hime [website] Hime-chan [website] Hino ReiChan
[website] Hm [website] Holliness [website] Hoppie Toad
[website] Hurricane Hilda [website] Hyperspace Cowgirl [website] Ijiwaru
[website] Immicolia [website] Impa [website] Imperial
[website] Inaba J. [website] indigo [website] Iridescentraven
[website] Issei [website] Ivanovna [website] Jade
[website] Jade Gordon [website] JadeDolls [website] Jamie
[website] Jan Thor [website] Janet Weiss [website] Janey Hamato
[website] Jason Pham [website] Jdan [website] Jean Lynn
[website] Jeffco [website] Jeffrey Anderson [website] Jenny Bartle
[website] Jens [website] Jeremy [website] jerms
[website] Jessi [website] Jessika [website] Jimmi Rae Pritchard
[website] Jishin [website] Jobee [website] Jolie
[website] Jorge [website] Julia [website] July
[website] Juniper Flower [website] Kaerless [website] Kait002
[website] Kamikaze the Twooth [website] Kamisaurus [website] Kanine
[website] Kari [website] Kari-chan [website] Kati d'Esprit
[website] Kawaii fish [website] KawaiiBabe [website] Kayoka
[website] kazMaster [website] Kearin Maxwell [website] Kelli
[website] Kenn Stollery-Jones [website] Key [website] Kid
[website] Kim and Heather [website] Kim McFarland [website] Kim-chan
[website] Kimiki [website] Kioma Winterwolf [website] Kitty-Raja
[website] kjbrasda [website] KKZ [website] Koizumi
[website] Lady Candy [website] lahobbite [website] Laralica
[website] Lavenderpup [website] Lavundula [website] Lee
[website] Libby [website] Light [website] lil loulou
[website] Lina [website] Lisa Miller [website] Lizzy G
[website] Lola Palacios [website] Lon Bergeron [website] London
[website] Lord Don [website] LordBlumiere [website] Lorelei
[website] Louise [website] Luce [website] Lucia-Chan
[website] LuckyLadyCat [website] Luiza [website] Lunamoon5358
[website] LunarLotis [website] luzee12 [website] Lynn
[website] M. Paugh [website] Mab [website] MaiAshe
[website] Makoto Kou [website] Manda K. [website] mandafae
[website] Mandy [website] ManiacLove [website] Maple Rose
[website] Maria Picassó [website] Mariano Lago [website] Marin
[website] Marina Bazhenova [website] Marlena Kehl [website] MARS
[website] marta [website] Marta M [website] Mary
[website] Mary-chan [website] Maxamillion Chameleon [website] Mayuka
[website] Medox [website] Megara [website] Meghan
[website] Melody-Yoshi [website] meowchii [website] meryk
[website] Meshia and Zoamel Gustar [website] Messiah of Silence [website] Miaka
[website] Mian [website] Mike [website] mikey
[website] Miki [website] Mimi Billewicz [website] Mina
[website] Minako [website] The Mirror [website] Mizz Adamz
[website] Mizz Destiny [website] Mochi [website] Mokia_Sinhall
[website] Mommy Eyes [website] Moni-chan [website] Monica
[website] Moon Panda [website] Morena [website] Mosshead
[website] MyStIcAl ElF GuRl [website] n3koch4n [website] Nadav
[website] Nadia [website] Naia Zifu [website] Nakama KiSS Group
[website] Nako [website] Natari Natsu [website] Neen
[website] NeeP [website] Neko Girl [website] NekoCat
[website] Nethilia [website] nicky_99x [website] nicole
[website] Nicole Dornan [website] Nielle [website] Nif
[website] Nils Altenbach [website] Nizardo [website] Nolwen
[website] OBSailorStar [website] Oh-My-Stars [website] Omanyte-chan
[website] Onnanoko [website] Orange-Kiss [website] Otome-chan
[website] The Owl [website] Pam [website] Patrick Kelley
[website] Pattenrond [website] Patty Boyd [website] PDGorath
[website] Peachy Angel [website] pedro the girl [website] Peter Barnard
[website] Phaedra [website] Phantine [website] pickledance20
[website] PINK KiSS [website] PinkFuzz [website] Pinkland
[website] Poison [website] Porcelain [website] Psi
[website] PuRpLeDiRt [website] pyon [website] Quaz
[website] Queen Kara [website] Queen of fairies [website] Rachiru
[website] rainkissedwish [website] rainytown [website] Ral
[website] Rana Catesbiana [website] Randy [website] Rayven
[website] Renoa Heartilly [website] Ribby [website] Rick Cramer
[website] Rini [website] Rio [website] Roselynn Marks
[website] Ruri [website] Ruthless [website] Ryelle
[website] Ryuji [website] Saamy [website] Sabishisa
[website] Sadae Sakana [website] Saegusa Yuki [website] saffron
[website] Saiber [website] Sailor Madonna [website] Sailor Ryo-Ohki
[website] Sailorcentauri [website] sailorpearl [website] the saint's temple
[website] Sakura Fairy [website] Sakurcia [website] Sam
[website] Sam-I-Am [website] Samara [website] Sanasun
[website] Sandra Solaria Dees [website] Sandraliene [website] Sarah Penguin
[website] Sasami [website] Sasarai [website] Satori
[website] Savage Lucy [website] SaveKat [website] Seijoutai Priire
[website] Seraina [website] Shala Kerrigan [website] Shannon Ward
[website] Sharm [website] Shatanka [website] Shi
[website] Shin-Fuam [website] Shinon [website] Shinzui
[website] Shiva Indis [website] Silent angel [website] Silvershadow
[website] SM2CM [website] Small Nyan-Chan [website] Snailey
[website] Snow Hart [website] Snow_Queen [website] Sofa Cushion
[website] Sol Tinkerbell [website] Some Grunge Chick [website] Son Gohan
[website] Sonya Sky [website] Sophia [website] Spike
[website] Steive [website] Steph Mae [website] Stephy
[website] Sugar [website] SuperSenshi100 [website] Sushi_girl
[website] Suzarella [website] Sycorax [website] Takuto
[website] Tandika Star [website] Tara M. Farley [website] Tasha
[website] TCGail [website] tea [website] Teaberry
[website] teapot Anna [website] tenakai [website] Terechem
[website] Tesla [website] Tessei Mahou [website] The Duchess
[website] Tiarra [website] Toruneko [website] Tyhm
[website] UmiDelMare [website] Unoriginal [website] Urban Angel
[website] Usagi [website] Valasia [website] Vampyre
[website] Vanessa Duran [website] Vanessie [website] Vee
[website] Veronika [website] Verve [website] Vic Fieger
[website] Victoria [website] Wendy [website] Wendygital
[website] Willow McCall [website] Wren [website] Yami Kuroi
[website] Yamina [website] Yav [website] Yecats
[website] Yo Chicken [website] Yota [website] Yu
[website] Yuna-Ki [website] Za [website] Zafiro
[website] Zoe [website] Zoej

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