Shimeru Kurin


Shimeru Kurin, from another branch of the Shimeru family, has been betrothed to Futaba by their parents. Like all of the Shimeru family, Kurin changes gender when excited. Her normal side is a very short and bratty girl. When excited, she becomes a tall, handsome boy with a huge appetite, able to each several times his own weight in ice cream at a single sitting.

Kurin transfers into Komatane Junior High School shortly after Futaba and Misaki begin dating. Kurin is attracted to the male Futaba and fans of the female teen idol Futaba but doesn't know that the two are the same person of that Futaba is a gender-changer at all. She sees Misaki as competition for Futaba's affections.

The name Shimeru [α] literally means `locked in place' and is a homonym for the English word `She-male'.
Kurin [] means `both small bells'.

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