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Adding to The Guide

Was there an anime or manga title which you were looking for but didn't find in the Guide? Tell me about it! I want people to tell me what changes or additions they'd like to see for the Guide. Your feedback will help me make the Guide better and get your name added to our Bibliography. If you run a website themed on a particular title, I'd like to add your website to the list of links for that title as well.

For each title, I try to include:
Original Japanese Title
English Translated Title
A Brief Description
Japanese Anime and/or Manga Studio
English Translation Anime and/or Manga Studio
Related Web Pages
It can also be helpful if you know the magazine in which a manga was originally published since that can help me determine the publisher and whether the manga is shoujo, shounen, for young readers, and so on.

For many of the titles currently listed in the Theme Guide, I am missing some of the studio or author information. Since I haven't actually seen every one of these titles myself, I can't always come up with really peppy descriptions. If you have a suggestion for a better description or can help provide some of the missing information, that help would be very welcome.

Although there are hundreds of titles listed with more titles being added constantly, there are many titles which I simply haven't been able to find enough information about to make an addition to the guide. Any help you can offer for additional titles would be very welcome.

For suggestions, corrections, and additions to The Guide, please contact us by e-mail at dsherman@otakuworld.com.

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