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This is just a simple little collection of some of my anime-style doodlings. Don't use them on your webpages or anything without asking first. Everything here is my own work and copyrighted. Many of the characters drawn are tradmarked to other people. Legal double-whammy!

Actually, I only have a few doodles here so far. I'll scan more in soon...

  • Norrath Slumber Party
    Okay, I admit it. I play EverQuest. It's fun! I'm in a really great girls-only guild (our toons are all girls - I have no idea what my guildsisters RL counterparts might be). I had a request to do a portrait of all of my guildsisters but, since people leave and join the guild all the time, I didn't want new sisters to feel left out. Instead of drawing any specific guildsisters, I drew one female member of each Norrath race in a setting which hid any evidence of their classes so it could each one could represent any member of that race. They are the Everyelf or Everytroll.
  • Cloud Finds Love
    Fans of SquareSoft's stunning RPG Final Fantasy VII might get a chuckle from this depiction of Cloud Strife's ultimate romantic endeavor.
  • Tifa Beats Herself Up
    Another Final Fantasy VII sketch. While thinking about how amazing it was that SquareSoft had animated almost every possible action for combat in the game, it occurred to me that they forgot to animate what happens when a character attacks herself (which sometimes happens if you get Confu cast on you or are honestly confused by the controls). Here's a simple sketch of what that animation might look like.
  • Girl With Guns
    This one's a little older. I was thinking of the whole "Girls With Guns" genre in anime and tried this little sketch showing one girrrl of this genre, ready for anything. (Don't laugh at the bow in her hair; she might hear you.)
  • Otaku World Art
    Here's most of the artwork I've done for Otaku World.
  • Furcadia Art
    I also did some furry art for Furcadia. That was a while back though.
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