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"Take that! You dastardly dinosaur!"
This is a massive barrage arcade shooter where you play a cute girl out to stop birds and dinosaurs. You can shoot eggs as well as punch the enemies. You also have a prayer power which acts like a smart bomb, attacking everything on the screen at once. In this trial version, you can play only one stage and only one player.
A note about punching: punching an enemy causes the enemy to be blown back (standard Punch) or up and back (the Uppercut). An enemy so hit can hit other enemies as well as block enemy shots. When an enemy hits another enemy, a chain hit can occur, creating massive point accumulation and releasing items for every enemy destroyed.
A note about the impact gauge: The impact gauge in the upper corner is a score multiplier. The gauge increases for each enemy destroyed and is reset when the player is hit.
A note about chaining: collect the items that appear when a number of enemies are destroyed. For each item collected, the score doubles up to a maximum of 16 times, starting at 100 points. If an item escapes the screen, the score chain is reset to 100.
The game can be played with a joystick or keyboard. The keys can be modified. The standard keys are:
Zbutton 1Shoot
Xbutton 2Punch
Cbutton 3Uppercut
Sbutton 4Air
And before you ask me, no, I do not know where you can obtain the full version.

Date: 5/29/2005
File: AirRadeAirInst.exe. Size: 41,857k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Windows 2000 and Windows XP only! After extracting, run AirRade-Air.exe. To uninstall, delete the AIRRADE-AIR-_HPtaikenban folder.
(This archive has been modified from the original to make it self-extracting.)
(Requires DirectX v8.1 or better)

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