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These are ordered with latest additions at top.

Fushigina Morino Pokora from Marcken Software Developer
A trial version of a neat little run and catch action game where a little girl tries to catch Pokora for their acorns!

AirRade Air from Studio Siesta
A one level trial version of a comical "massive barrage shooter" featuring an egg-throwing girl who also throws a mean punch!

Royal Edoma Engine from Platine Dispositif
A one level trial version of a "massive barrage" shooter that is extremely cute and hard!

N from metanet software
A run-and-jump game with great physics and stylistic levels for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Nanaca†Crash by Helgoland
A Shockwave Flash game where the object is to crash into and launch poor Taichi to see how far he can fly.

Akuji the Demon from Buster
A classic platform romp where you play the demon trying to get your powers back from the heroes that stole them!

Push Push Penguin from Black Cat
A really good remake of the classic Pengo Pengo arcade game!

Doukutsu Monogatari (English) from Pixel
A side-scrolling action game full of running, jumping and shooting. Oh, and there's a story too! Now in English!

Doukutsu Monogatari from Pixel
A side-scrolling action game full of running, jumping and shooting. Oh, and there's a story too!

Wire Hang Redux by Matt Sephton and Masaki Kobayashi (D2AC)
An addictive little game where you climb to new heights (and keep yourself from falling) by using a grappling hook!

Billy Hatcher Demo from SonicTeam
A Flash demo game featuring art, sound, and music from the Nintendo GameCube's "Billy Hatcher" game!

Vantage Master 2 Online from Falcom
"Final Fantasy Tactics" style anime war game! This is the complete game with network play even!

Mystic Balloon from Domino
A neat little puzzle game where you help the little witch get out of the complicated rooms. Includes editor.
More levels now available!

Soukoban by Staffan Modig
A good version of the original classic Japanese game.

Flappy World
A block pusher game featuring 10 stages, complete with music and sound effects.

Final Fantasy 9 Maze Game
A simple maze game featuring Zidane searching for Garnet from Final Fantasy 9.

Kingdom Of Korobon In Woods
A complete platform RPG from Japan! Now in English!

Faleal Story
A complete role-playing game from Japane! Now in English!

Mercenary Wing (demo)
A one level demo of a work-in-progress 2D-shooter.

Rebo vs. the Angry School Mob by Jason Martinson
Rebo kicks butt at school!

Slimes' War v1.0 by ASCII Corporation
You set the parameters and watch the slime fly! Now in English!

Ranchan the Jumping Cat from Nozomi
A cute little puzzle game featuring a little flying witch in search of a book.

The Grimoire of Little Witch Melsa from R.C.
A cute little puzzle game featuring a little flying witch in search of a book.

Hundred Swords Demo from Sega
This is a Warcraft-like game with beautiful anime-style 3D graphics.

Idinaloq from Namikaze Project
A massive full shooter game with lots of voice and music and pizzazz.

 * Gravity Sports3 from PHAME
A gravity puzzle game where a little girl needs help collecting candy.

 * Athletic World of (*kutah*) from GIGA-RENSYA
Two games in one: take (*kutah*) the cat river-rafting and log-riding!

 * Evangelion Hanafuda from Gainax/ProjectEva
A version of the classic Japanese card game Hanafuda featuring characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

 * Fire and Slime by N. I.
A simple kill-or-be-killed game of you and your plasma beam versus the slimes.

 * Giana Sisters by MYTH
A version of the venerable C64 classic game.

 * Magical Genocide by grid_bug
A simple dungeon romp a la Bubble Bobble.

 * Moon by Nozomi Matsuzaka
A game of keeping the fish from the falling stars. Not as easy as it sounds.

 * Nawatobi from GIGA-RENSYA
A game of jump rope featuring cute cats.

 * Rodeo from GIGA-RENSYA
A game of keeping the cat on the cow at the rodeo.

 * Super Bubble Fighter II Turbo ect. by Tatsumakisenpukyaku
A version of Bubble Bobble where two players duke it out -- against each other!

 * Warrior Dragon from Lumental
In the spirit of Dragon Warrior comes Warrior Dragon where you are the hero -- and a dragon!

 * BakaBakaBANBAN!! from CANdid
Fast-paced shooting gallery where you attempt to shoot the robots zipping around the screen.

 * Oden Todo Fish by Itochu/Outback
Fishing for your lunch was never like this!

 * Chocobo World Demo from Squaresoft
A playable demo Windows version of the Pocketstation game of Chocobo World.

 * Rei-Poker from elise Soft Ware
A twisty five card draw game featuring Rei Ayanami.

 * Dragon Pursival
A Korean RPG game for 32-bit DOS.

 * DmLaputa for Unreal
Explore Miyazaki's Laputa!

 * Find Kasumi
Is there a Bloodhound Pokémon?

 * Random Deformed Sports Series: Hanpuku
How fast can you move your feet?

 * Vampire
Vampiric platform action you'll got batty for.

 * Piece
Pegs and Penguins!

 * MoonLight Panic
. "Look out below!"

 * Magical Trap
. "Watch out for that rake!"

 * Mona² - Monarch Monarch
. Anime Populous!

 * Nectaris
. "Get off our moon, Earthie!"

 * Legend of Treasure
. Fireball-spitting slimes!?

 * Suzuri v1.1
Different strokes for different folks!

 * Nitro SnowMan32 v2.0
This brings a whole new meaning to "Snowballing"!

 * OJ VollyBall
. Bump! Set! Smash!

 * Change Panel v1.0
"I'm sorry I stepped on your face!"

 * Skuld Bug
I could really use this in my programming!

 * Marble Magic 2
. "Shoot and pick up the pieces. A woman's job is never done!"

 * Hoppop'n
Cute girl, fuzzy slime balls, and hopping cones!

 * Sept Fox v1.00
This isn't just another dice game!

 * NEOPHYTE: Koplio's Story
Goddesses of Light, Evil Armor, Monks! What more do you want?

 * Gundam War 4 (v4.01)
Super-deformed Gundam Combat!

 * Reflection
"She canna stan' the strain!"

 * Package for Windows
This one can hurt, folks!

 * Battle Hamster for Windows
When Hamsters get mad!

 * Blitz Try
"He's on Fire!"

 * Puyo Puyo 95
Slime was never so fun!

 * Gense Adventure v1.0
"Why did it have to be snakes?"

 * Devil Force III
"I feel like I'm on a treadmill! I always seem to be running!"

 * The Great Paci-fish War
Like shooting fish in a barrel!

 * Go Go Ivan!
Penguins! Ya gotta love 'em!

 * Tanuki Kids Mini Game
"My brain hurts!"

 * The Game of Angels
The Angels are the Bad Guys?

 * Tanuki Kids Race
This isn't a rat race!

 * Tales of the Float Land
Pick a card. Boom! Wrong card!

 * Sailor Moon Solitaire
Will Sailor Moon win? It's in the cards!

 * Saba v1.1
The Olympics through the eyes of a child!

 * Skuld-sama's Bug Bashing!
Can Skuld save the Machine?

 * Trouble Ball v1.0
Tired of being pushed around?

 * Legend of Keiichi IV v1.0
Run, jump, hack, slash!

 * Frieve Tower v1.0
Run! Run! Run!

 * Friel v1.0
A beautiful time-wast-- uh... game!

 * Twinkle Twinkle
You may think this is a Centipede clone, but it isn't!

 * Doreamon Attack 2 v1.0
Think you're good with a mouse, eh? Try this one!

 * Cake Fight
The cupcakes can shoot!? No fair!

 * Bubbles!
Bubbles rise but bombs sink!

 * Egger Land v1.20
Lolo for the PC! YEAH!

 * Lord Monarch
Ever want to push people around? Now's your chance!

 * Jiji the Cat Adventure 3
Jiji's back and lost in the Forest!

 * Zyclunt!
Hack and Slash Robots with your Sword!

 * WinDepth v0.21
Playing in the bathtub was never like this!

 * Sushi v1.0
Things can get messy with Wack-A-Sushi!

 * Robo Attack! v97.1.17
Robots on the Rampage!

 * Daisy Skatin' v1.1
Daisy Penguin Skates for Home!

 * Moon Kids' Paradise
Moon Lander gone horribly cute!

 * Jump On!
Were gymnastics really this painful!?

 * Tako HG-R Hyper v1.00
Arcade action in Windows!

 * Pure Fighter ERIKA v1.50
Arcade action in Windows!

A solitaire game -- with a twist!

 * Jiji and the Flying Fish
Jiji is flying and dodging fish!

 * Jiji's Egg Adventure
Jiji is catching eggs!

 * Munyu
Squishy maze game!

 * Jiji the Cat Adventure 1
Jiji's magical forest adventure

 * Jiji the Cat Adventure 2
Jiji's other magical forest adventure

 * Dogarr
"I'm feeling light-headed..."

 * Furcadia
It's Furtastic!

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