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"Green is so not my color!"
This is a classic platform-style run-and-jump where you play Akuji the Demon who has had his powers stolen from him by the Heroes. You run and jump around, avoiding obstacles and other monsters until you can get back your power to shoot. Then you can stop avoiding all those monsters. Many levels of puzzle-like action.
This game was originally done in Japanese and Do-jin Nyuu translated the game into English. If you download the original Japanese version of Akuji the Demon, you can download the translation patch from http://nyuu.cellosoft.com/projects/akuji and apply the patch yourself. The main version available here on Otaku World is the English version with the patch already applied for you.

Date: 2/13/2005
File: akujien.exe (English version). Size: 2,777k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/XP only! Run akuji.exe to play.
Requires DirectX v7.0 or higher
(This archive has been modified from the original to make it the English version and to make the archive a self-extracting zip file. The original Japanese archive can be found on Buster's Home Page as akuji.lzh. The Japanese version works well with the Multi-lingual Viewer.)
(A self-extracting zip archive of the original Japanese version can be downloaded from Otaku World: akuji.exe, size is 2,762k.)

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