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Remember, cats don't like to get wet!

(*kutah*) wants to play in the big outdoors. In the Athletic World of (*kutah*) there are two challenges awaiting (*kutah*). The first is a river-rafting game where you try to avoid the rocks as you float down the fast-moving stream. The other game is a version of log-riding where you try to keep (*kutah*) from going over the waterfall by leaping from log to log.

English help files are available: after running the downloaded file to extract the contents, load athletic_e.html into your browser. Then run athinstall.exe to install the games (the installer is in Japanese but it follows the pattern of a standard InstallShield installation).

Date: 07/23/2000
File: athletin.exe. Size: 1358k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win95/98/NT4 only!
(Requires DirectX v3 or better)
(Submitted by $SUBMITTOR$)

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