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Furcadia is an anime-influenced online world with rich, wonderful graphics and superb music. Simply download the Furcadia front-end and patch from the Furcadia site, and you are ready to go. Furcadia is a Furry Universe of anthropomorphic animals, living in a land that can best be described as medieval neo-Japanese/European. Currently, Furcadia is in development, so actions are limited, but imagination is high. There has always been a connection between the love of anime and the love of things Furry, so we heartily recommend a visit to Furcadia without any reservation! It's Furtastic!

Other Furcadia resources:
 * Sylia's Page of Furcadia Goodies More Images and Information!
Sylia has provided a number of interesting image enhancements for your enjoyment as well as some useful links concerning Furcadia.

Date: 07/20/2000
For Win3.1/Win95/98/NT4.

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