Gundam War 4 (v4.01)

Super-deformed Gundam Combat!

Gundam War 4 (v4.01)

from Game Station

This is a fast-paced little game in which you try to defeat your opponent. What makes this game a bit different is your character is chosen among a large variety of super-deformed Gundam robots and each appears to have its own strengths and weaknesses. Everything is in English. Keyboard control. Midi music.

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    (4/8/1998: self-extracting zip file, size is 2207k. Windows 95/NT only! Run GUN4.EXE after extraction.)
    (Note: the archive has been modified to put the game into its own directory and to make it self-extracting. The contents are unchanged from the original archive. The original is available at Game Station, which also has a number of games and programs.)

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