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This is a Warcraft-like realtime strategy game from Sega, featuring anime-style fantasy characters and creatures. This particular demo features two beginner-level missions, one with a single leader, and the other with five leaders (creating a much more complex scenario). The graphics are 3D and really quite beautiful. It will even run on a modest Pentium 200MHZ (although the minimum recommendation is a Pentium 233MHZ machine).

This archive is a self-extracting archive after which you run the setup.exe program to install the actual program. This is a standard InstallShield installer. One tip though: when it asks for a path to store the game, be sure to click the "browse" button and remove the last few characters from the path, leaving only the "HUNDRED SWORDS" in the path. Makes it a lot easier to uninstall later.

In the archive is an English translation of the readme.txt file called HundredSwords.txt. This file is only in the archive and will not be installed when you install the game. If you lose this file, you can read it here at HundredSwords.txt.

Date: 05/22/2001
File: hswords.exe. Size: 45,071k (yes, 45 megabytes)
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/Win2000 only!
(Requires DirectX v7.0 or better)

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