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"I wish I had learned that flying spell!"

Miss Tia gets caught up in a strange labyrinth of puzzling rooms. She must use her wits and her magic to get out through the locked doors. The game features 9 puzzles, each more difficult than the last. The object is to maneuver Miss Tia to collect the keys and get through the locked door to the exit (the rainbow pentagram). Surprisingly tricky in many places. This program also includes a full editor!

Menus: Use the arrow keys to navigate the menus, the 'Z' key activates menu selections.

Game: Use the left and right arrows to move the character, the 'Z' key jumps, and the 'X' key activates magic (pick up a block or bouncer, press again to set it down). ESC will call up a game menu (use 'Z' key to make choice) where you can Restart the level or end the game. Note that some blocks cannot be jumped from.

9/12/2002: Shael Janias has kindly submitted a collection of 8 new levels he created in the editor. See New Levels

Date: 06/17/2002
File: mysbal17.exe. Size: 645k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/XP/NT4 only!
(Run mysbal.exe to play.)
(Requires Visual Basic 6.0 runtime)
(This program has been repackaged into a self-extracting zip file. The original .LZH archive is available here)

New Levels!
Date Creator File Size Download
9/12/2002 Shael Janias mysbalLevels1.exe 31k DOWNLOAD

Instructions for new levels: Download the self-extracting archive containing the levels into your Mystic Balloon folder and run the archive to extract the levels. Then run Mystic Balloon and select Edit Game. Then select Load, browse for the levels (in a folder called 'levels') and select a level to load. Then select Play to play the level.

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