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So many treasures, so little time!
This is a run-and-jump game written in Flash activescript. You are a ninja attempting to collect treasures. You can run, jump, and cling to walls. The physics are surprisingly realistic and the gameplay is addictive. The game includes a built-in editor, no less! High scores are stored on metanet software's site so you can compare your skills to others around the world. Be sure to visit the home page of N.
There are versions of the game for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. These archives are available at metanet software's download page. These archives are also available here on Otaku World.

(Close up of character)

Date: 3/27/2005
File: nv13pcinst.exe Size: 1,119K (for Windows) DOWNLOAD
File: n_v1mac.sit Size: 1,340K (for Macintosh) DOWNLOAD
File: n_v13c_linux.tar.gz Size: 1,189K (for Linux) DOWNLOAD
(All of these files except for nv13pcinst.exe are also available at metanet software's download page.)
For Windows: this is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win2000/XP only! Run n_v13c.exe to play.
(The nv13pcinst.exe archive has been modified from the original to make it self-extracting and to put the extracted files into their own folder. The original archive is available at metanet software's download page and here on Otaku World: n_v1pc.zip (size = 1089K).)

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