Package for Windows

This one can hurt, folks!

Package for Windows

This is one of the most intriguing takes on Tetris we have ever seen. Blocks of multiple colors drop one at a time. Rotate the colors around the block to touch the same color on a resting block. This causes the colors to be removed and the remaining colors in both blocks to redistribute evenly. If the number of colors in a block is reduced to one then the block is removed. Cascade effects are then possible. Some block edges are "walled" so they won't touch other colors. Causing a redistribution of the colors can make a color extend beyond this "wall" so it can be removed with another block. Occasionally a little tiny block of gray will drop. When it comes to rest on a color, that color is removed from all blocks. It plays easier than it reads.
For one to three players. There is a vs. mode in which the more combo hits you do, the more crud you drop on the other players. Keyboard only.

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    (Self-extracting archive file, size is 479k. Run PACKAGE.EXE to play. Run Setup.exe to install into new directory with an icon for double-clicking on.)

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