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"I'm gonna getcha, little Pokora!"
This is an action game where you play a 5 year old girl visiting her grandmother in the country for the summer. While there, the little girl finds Pokora, cute, acorn-stealing animals (think "My Neighbor Totoro") and, being a mischievous little girl, she naturally wants to catch them. The action comes from the fact that this little girl can run really, really fast. So fast, in fact, that going around corners requires mastering drift skills from a racing game. She can jump to avoid obstacles and can make diving catches (which is the secret to high scores!). This little girl can even perform what is called a "rocket start" so she can sneak up on the unsuspecting Pokora and dash forward at high speed to catch them.
The goal of the game is to clear each stage of the required Pokora (shown at the beginning of each stage) and to collect as many acorns as possible. Use the acorns to buy new dresses which increases the little girl's abilities (such as the all-important Grip for better cornering).
Sebastian Will translated part of the Pokora game manual and has made it available at http://www.caiman.us/manuals/m1473.html. That page also has a link to the original archive of the game.
Note: On the title screen, the first option starts the game. You are then shown a list of previous games to play. When you start the game for the first time, there is only one option and that allows you to enter a name. The screen where you enter your name is in Japanese but on the last row, there is an option labelled "ABC" which, when selected, changes the screen to allow entering English names.

Date: 06/05/2005
File: Pokora013finst.exe. Size: 4,712K
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/XP only!
(This archive has been modified with the following changes:
  • To change the folder name to Pokora013f
  • To change the name of the executable to pokora.exe
  • To use an English extraction dialog box.
The original archive is available here on Otaku World (download prs0130f.exe and from http://www.caiman.us/manuals/m1473.html.)
(Requires DirectX v7.0+)

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