Nitro SnowMan32 v2.0

This brings a whole new meaning to Snowballing!

Nitro SnowMan32 v2.0

from NITRO

This is a puzzle game and beautifully done too! You are a little snowman that has to get back to the warmth(!) of your house. Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of different sized snowballs in the way. The object of the game is to push the snowballs out of the way -- but in the right order! You see, there are four sizes of snowballs: small (1), medium (2), large (3), and jumbo (4). Push the snowballs into each other until they reach jumbo. You cannot push the jumbo snowballs around. This one is a brain-twister. There is even an editor! There is a snow32.txt file in English for the game itself.

Note: This appears to be shareware but I can't read the instructions (they are Japanese).

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    (9/13/1998: self-extracting file, size is 511k. Requires Win95/NT!)

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