DmLaputa for Unreal

Explore Miyazaki's Laputa!

DmLaputa for Unreal

by Jennifer Diane Reitz

DmLaputa is not actually designed to be a deathmatch level. The deathmatch designation exists only to provide the greatest freedom of use for the level by the player. The purpose of this Unreal level is not for fighting, though that can be done, and weapons are supplied, but rather for exploration. This is a recreation, as best as I can, of a Most Marvelous Place, a place from anime, from Japanese animated film. All the graphic textures are reproductions of the surfaces from thae actual film itself, scanned in and specially reworked to create proper isomorphic tesselations suitable for Unreal. The end result is a world that looks like nothhing you have ever played in Unreal before, a truly 'anime' world. The goal is for anime fans to experience one of the great wonders of anime in person, in 3D. And, you can also shoot each other too, if you wish.

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    Note: this add-on for Unreal requires the full version of Unreal to run.
      (self-extracting zip file, size is 2,419k.)
      Place in your Unreal folder and execute to extract. Read the Laputa.TXT file for more details.

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Original art © 1996,1997 by Jennifer Diane Reitz