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Warrior Dragon

from Lumental

And they said religion was good for the soul!

In Japan, Dragon Warrior is a perennial favorite, going back to the beginning of the Super NES days. There have been many chapters over the years and, strangely enough, the graphics have not changed all that much no matter the platform the game appears on. Dragon Warrior was released in America on the NES but no further versions have appeared.

In the tradition of Dragon Warrior, Lumental has created Warrior Dragon. You play the part of the gallant dragon whose father battled and lost to the evil Dragon slayer. And now those despicable humans are kidnapping dragon children and destroying whole villages of dragonfolk. It is up to you find the missing children and defeat the evil Dragon slayer.

This game is in English and the Readme.txt file explains everything you need to know about the game. Be sure to read it.

Date: 05/14/2000
File: wdragins.exe. Size: 1108k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Windows 95/98 only!
(Requires DirectX 6 or better)

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