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Icon Collections 6

collected by ICONStructions at Blably.com
made by Julius Najzer, a051314t@bc.seflin.org, and Butz

Sakura Wars, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and more!
Four DLLs containing a collection of various anime icons:
AnimeIco.dllExcellent black and white icons from various anime, collected by ICONStructions at Blably.com.
Sakura.dll8 icons from the anime Sakura Wars. Icons made by Julius Najzer.
SMIcons.dll16 icons from the anime Sailor Moon. Icons made by a051314t@bc.seflin.org.
Tenchi.dll16 icons from the anime Tenchi Muyo. Icons made by Butz Yung.

Date: 03/14/1998
File: icons4.exe. Size: 117k
This is a self-extracting zip file. After downloading, run it to extract the DLLs.

How to use Icons
Read Otaku World's "How to Install Icons" for all the details on using icons.

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