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ELF Screen Saver Collection

Cute and Weird!

ELF Screen Saver Collection

from ELF

This is a collection of 16 screen savers, all from the group of programmers that call themselves ELF. A couple of these have already been featured here on Otaku World; this collection has them all. From maiden-chasing sharks to bomb-throwing jesters to joggers to blobbies merging into "peanut birds". There is even a Kissekae-style saver! Includes two .BMP images featuring some extraordinary artwork.

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    Note: some of these savers do not work under Windows NT v4.0. However, all do run under Windows 95.
    Note: these screen savers requires WINNLS.DLL and IMM.DLL from an asian version of Windows 95 to run.
    Works just fine with Otaku World's WINNLS.DLL!
    (Self-extracting zip file, size is 1261k. Run disk1\setup.exe to install.)
    (Originally discovered by Murusame)

Be sure to read "How to Install Screen Savers"!
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