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Hamster in wicker!
This really cute program is just plan bizarre. You are presented with a wicker box. You open it with a mouse click and find inside a sleeping hamster. Click on the hamster to wake her up. Watch her for a while! Then click on the dish to put food in it and watch her dig in! This is truly strange. Click on the box lid to close it and to see one more action by the hamster. You will then be presented with a dialog that says Quit or Open (open the box again). If you quit, click once on each of the two following screens to exit.
Note: It can take a few moments for anything to appear if you are in High Color or True Color mode.
3/28/2000: David Imber has kindly informed us that what we thought was a guinea pig is in reality a hamster. Also, the author is more properly named Harumi Arai. She created this program as a tribute to her own hamster Ruby, who died leaving Ms. Arai feeling very sad. You can read more about Ms. Arai's hamster and about this program at http://www.maniform.com/stuff/hamster.htm, a site maintained by David Imber for his friend Ms. Arai.

Date: 9/13/1998
File: happyhsi.exe. Size: 797k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/NT4 only!

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