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She looks good even sitting down!
A dark-haired beauty from Sakura Wars sitting pretty. She has two outfits and blinks very nicely. Oh, those eyes! This version allows you to change the relative position of Sakura on whatever window is active by specifying a percentage from the left edge of the window. You can also change this percentage dynamically by clicking and dragging Sakura to a new position. Nice touch! Right-click to get the options dialog (the far right button causes Sakura to go away). The check box controls how Sakura updates when a different window is activated (helps cure some graphic glitches).
Jesse Willis kindly translated the dialogs and manual.txt file on this window sitter into English.

Date: 02/8/1998
File: sakurae.exe. Size: 65k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/NT4 only!
(Original Japanese version is available on Otaku World here, size is 65k.)
(Originally submitted by Gally. English version by Jesse Willis.)

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