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Aren't they just the cutest little things!
This is a collection of "Screen Mates" for Windows 95/NT. These are just simply cute and interesting little characters that wander around on your desktop. If you right-click on them, a dialog appears that will allow you to turn off the screen mate (it's the rightmost button in the dialog). You can have all of these running at the same time but you might not be able to get any work done! Many of these Screen Mates feature sounds too!
All of the characters are actually from an RPG called Tun Town from Softstar Domo. Unfortunately, the RPG is in Chinese (that is, for those who don't read Chinese).
Please note that the dialogs are in Chinese (Taiwanese) and therefore will not be legible on U.S versions of Windows 95/NT. Multi-View v3.38 also won't show the proper characters.
Name Description
Acon A man with a protest sign
Akira a caped weasel
Angel a happy little girl angel
Captain an ogre of a military man, complete with heavy machine gun
CatKing a scarecrow of a figure in red hat and cape who tends to run backwards
Dami a tiny scottish terrier -- with glasses
FatMan a very fat policeman who wears a chef's hat and farts explosively
Faty a bulldog with bowler and vest
GoldShip a fat, bad-tempered cat
Hunter a fierce German Shepherd
JustMan a cowardly nerd of a hero in red pajamas and yellow cape
Lion a tall man dressed as a 30's gangster who is adept at fisticuffs and juggling
LionKing a 30's gangster boss with cane, pipe and evil laugh
Lolo a studious young man in blue-checked lab coat and no physical stamina
Ninja a very, very fast black-striped cat
OldPa a very old man with very long white moustache and hair who reads and levitates
Perfect a handsome officer in black uniform who is quick with the martial arts moves
Pig a pig that scampers around, occasionally making the most impressive pig squeal
Scr a friendly mutt in bowler who scratches and sneezes
Tunmy a Holmesian detective who can transform into a tuxedoed character with green mask

Date: 02/28/1998
File Size Screen Mates contained therein Download
smates1.exe 396k Acon, Akira, Angel, Captain, CatKing DOWNLOAD
smates2.exe 347k Dami, FatMan, Faty, GoldShip, Hunter DOWNLOAD
smates3.exe 360k JustMan, Lion, LionKing, Lolo, Ninja DOWNLOAD
smates4.exe 331k OldPa, Perfect, Pig, Scr, Tunmy DOWNLOAD
ScreenMates.exe 1354k All screen mates DOWNLOAD
These are a self-extracting Windows zip files for Win9x/ME/2000/NT4 only!
(Discovered by Anoosh Bozorgmehr)

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