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You never know who will walk by!
This is a clock but not like any clock you may have seen. This one features a scene with characters and animals walking and running by. Sort of like an animated fish aquarium but with people and animals instead of fish. Very beautiful and eye-catching. I think the clock part is just to give you an excuse to run Tun Town all the time, since it doesn't feature an alarm or anything like that. It could be worse, you could run it because you really, really like it!
Tun Town Clock is actually based on an old RPG called Tun Town from Softstar Domo. All of the scenes and characters are from this RPG. Unfortunately, the RPG is in Chinese (that is, for those who don't read Chinese).
Please note that the dialog is in Chinese (Taiwanese) and therefore will not be legible on U.S versions of Windows 95/NT. Multi-View v3.38 also won't show the proper characters. Read the tunChime.doc file for details.

Date: 03/29/1998
File: tunchm10.exe. Size: 197k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win9x/ME/2000/NT4 only!

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