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There are a lot of people who would like to create Kisekae Dolls, Kamishibai, and Otaku Mascots but are afraid of the basic necessity of having to draw the art. Well, we have a good starting place for you to learn the craft of drawing anime and manga style characters. Many of these links are courtesy of Jade Gordon, a frequent contributor to Otaku World.
A good, inexpensive book to start off with is "How to Draw Anime & Game Characters, Vol. 1: Basics for Beginners and Beyond" by Tadashi Ozawa. There are a total of 5 volumes in the series. These are available online at various places (for example, search for How to Draw Anime & Game Characters at


123 Bishoujo!
Specifically --
A set of tutorials for the beginner. Covers the basics quite well.

Anime by Example
Uses images from anime to illustrate reasons for different features. This site is somewhat dated but can serve as a good supplement to other sources.
The original site is no longer available. The link provided is to an archive of the site.

Baka Neko
Specifically - Baka Neko's Anime Drawing Tutorials.
An excellent set of technical tutorials on drawing male and female figures, focusing on the anime/manga style.

How to Draw Manga™ Official Site
Specifically -
A complete site for those who are drawing manga. Includes shops for buying materials, books, etc. Includes some extensive tutorials on drawing various body parts. Topics include hair, clothing, faces, female figure, specific characters from various anime (Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy, Neon Genesis, Key the Metal Idol, and more).

Idleworm's How To Animate
Specifically - and
These tutorials give a detailed explanation of how to animate a bouncing object and a walking figure.

Online Manga University
Specifically -
This is what the title suggests, an online university for learning how to draw manga. Includes an extensive series of lessons on drawing anime and manga covering all aspects of drawing. The site is a bit dated, but still valid for the all the basics, in great detail.

Polykarbon (Comic Art and CG Skills)
Specifically -
Extensive tutorials on anime-style drawing covering all aspects of the figure anatomy. Includes tutorial on Chibi/Super-deformed drawing. Also has tutorials on drawing hand guns of different types and storyboarding. And a number of tutorials on various aspects of Photoshop.

Rocket's How to Draw Manga
A set of tutorials on how to draw hair, eyes, and super-deformed images as well as how to draw specific characters from manga.


Anatomy Pictures for Artist
Specifically -
This site is mainly for reference purposes, a place to find an image that can show you how to draw some particular kind of figure. Most images are culled from existing art books.

Getty Images
A huge database of photographs that can be searched in a wide variety of ways.

Gray's Anatomy
Henry Gray's illustrated book of the anatomy of the human body. This is what doctors use as a text book!

Specifically - How to draw a cartoony male face.
A site dedicated to realistic drawing -- but with the occasional sense of humor such as "How to draw a cartoony male face". Excellent techniques throughout the site.

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