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Useful Links on Otaku World

How to Draw in the Anime and Manga Style
Otaku World's list of places to go online to learn how to draw anime and manga characters!

Anime/Manga News and Information

Anime News Network
Daily news of all things anime and manga.

Japanese Cultural and Language Information

Common Japanese terms in anime as brought to you by The Yale Anime Society. In PDF format, suitable for printing.
Japan for the Uninvited
Interesting tidbits about the culture of Japan, past and present, including history, music, economics, sex, food, and much more.
Let's Travel in Japan!
Provides an introduction to Japan for the traveler, including historical and contemporary sights to see, accomodations, food, and religion!
A searchable collection of anime and manga titles, showing English titles along with the original Japanese titles in both kana and "romanized" forms. Also includes synopses as well as each character name in english, kana, and romanized japanese!
 * Nihon Sumo Kyokai (The Japanese Sumo Association)
The Japanese Sumo Association controls the sport of sumo in Japan. This site has everything you ever wanted to know about Sumo, including recent basho (tournaments).
 * Sumo FAQ
Got a question about the sport of Sumo? Start here to get the low-down on terms, culture, and history of the sport.

Places to Buy Anime and Manga

Amazon.com. The largest online shopping center with lots of anime and manga.
Anime Artworx
Sells custom posters and art prints of anime characters, past and present. Also handles custom orders.
Anime Castle
Straightforward selection of anime and merchandise at decent prices.
Robert's Anime Corner Store
Large selection of anime and merchandise with reasonable prices.

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