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These are ordered with latest additions at top.

Rurouni Kenshin Screen Saver
A slide show with music of images from the anime Rurouni Kenshin.

Zwei!! Screen Saver 0
Screen saver with characters from Falcom's Zwei!! RPG walking around.

Zwei!! Screen Saver 1
Screen saver with characters from Falcom's Zwei!! RPG hunting monsters for treasure.

Card Captor Sakura v1.0 Advanced Software Design
Sakura is loose and making holes in your desktop!

 * Snail's Misao Screen Saver by DEARNA
Misao as a snail!?

 * Sailor Jupiter Screen Saver
Sailor Jupiter runs so hard to find bad guys!

 * Fishing Screen Saver
Fishing as a spectator sport!

 * Rim Saver
It's sleepytime.

 * SPC Princess Vi Screen Saver
A bunny girl you'd better respect!

 * ScrCuple Screen Saver
Boys will be boys. In any era.

 * Shoujo Kakumei Utena Shadowplay Screen Saver
"Do you know? Do you know? Have you heard the news?"

 * Monarch Monarch Screen Saver 1
That's no way to chase girls!

 * Lei-Lei Screen Saver
Everyone's favorite dead girl!

 * Evangelion Hopping SD Screen Saver
Musical, hoppy, bouncy!

 * Ryo-ohki Screen Saver
Still can't get enough of that cabbit!

 * CSW Bouncing Screen Saver
Double-piston bikini action...

 * Goddess Coming Down on Your Desktop
Cute, cute, cute! Girls, girls, girls!

 * Tokimeki Memorial Screen Saver
"I'll take that one -- and that one -- and that one..."

 * Pocket Fighter Screen Saver
Pocket Fighter! What else is there?

 * Lovely Ryo-oki Screen Saver
"Cute as a cabbit's whisker!"

 * Angelique Puzzle Screen Saver
"Ah, the rewards of puzzles!"

 * Puffy Cats Screen Saver
What do furries daydream about?

 * Sailor Mercury Clock and Screen Saver v2.40
Sailor Mercury runs and tells Time!

 * Manga 1 Screen Saver
Don't wait for Christmas!

 * Manga 2 Screen Saver
"I have a brand new pair of rollerskates!"

 * Manga 3 Screen Saver
"So want to play?"

 * Manga 4 Screen Saver
"Look ma! No hands!"

 * Manga 5 Screen Saver
"Do you want to be my mouse?"

 * Yugen Kaisha Screen Saver
"Who're you gonna call?"

 * Sizuku 2 Screen Saver
Marching to school is fun!

 * Ryo-ohki Screen Saver
Isn't it just so adorable!

 * Hanabi Screen Saver
Let the fireworks begin!

 * ELF Screen Saver Collection
Cute and Weird!

 * Evangelion's Focus3 Screen Saver
Snapshots of a pretty girl.

 * Evangelion's Card Flip 1 Screen Saver
Flying Evangelion Cards!

 * Evangelion's Clone Screen Saver (aka the "Dummy Plug System")
. Clones in a vat!

 * Evangelion's Flying Cards 2 Screen Saver
Cards don't grow on trees, do they?

 * Evangelion's Peeping Tom Screen Saver
"Get away from that window!"

 * Evangelion's Rei's Moon Screen Saver
"What a romantic view!"

 * EmiClock Screen Saver
What does idle time mean?

 * Screen Saver with Multi
And she said she didn't do windows!

 * Evangelion's Drinkin' and Eatin' Screen Saver
Eat. Drink. Eat. Drink. Eat. Drink.

 * Evangelion's Painting Screen Saver
Talk about painting the town red!

 * Evangelion's Falling Screen Saver
Look out below!

 * Evangelion's Famous Penguin Screen Saver
"I told you to wipe your feet!"

 * Evangelion's Exercise Screen Saver
Friends exercising, how nice!

 * Evangelion's Mr. Helpful Screen Saver
Who do you call when your screen breaks?

 * Dragon Punch Screen Saver v1.2
Ryu is getting punchy!

 * Chun-Li Screen Saver
The First Lady of Sexy Fighters is here!

 * Ys Screen Saver 1
Magic sure is dangerous!

 * Ys Screen Saver 9
Doin' the rabbit dance!

 * Popful Mail Screen Saver 1
Gaw's busy being dizzy!

 * Sailor Moon Screen Saver v1.1
As if you didn't have enough Sailor Moon!

 * Mah-Jongh Screen Saver
Can the girls get past the falling mah-jongh tiles?

 * Misa Screen Saver
Can Misa leap the big rock?

 * Elf Logo Screen Saver
Two striking anime beauties introduce the word ELF!

 * Ami-chan Screen Saver
The studious Ami (Sailor Mercury) walking along.

 * Rei-chan Screen Saver
The fastidious Rei (Sailor Mars) sweeps into your life!

 * Pirosiki
It's in the cards.

 * ED_SS1
High speed chase!

 * ED_SS3
Return of the Blob!

 * Ys Screen Saver 6
A box full of funny!

 * Crystal Screen Saver
One cutie whacks the monster, the other cutie collects the jewels.

How to use Screen Savers
Read Otaku World's "How to Install Screen Savers" for all the details on using screen savers.

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