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These are ordered with latest additions at top.

Sonic Toys from SonicTeam
A collection of 5 little Flash toys featuring characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog games.

Cabbit Screenmate v3.0 by WarpZone
V3.0 of this adorable screenmate is now available!

Bomberman Mascot
Bomberman is loose on your Windows desktop! Now in English!

Activate Windows with Multi v3.02
One of the original Window Sitters! Now in English!

ToHeart Clock Calendar v0.9 by MCA Labs
A pretty desktop clock/calendar with a pretty girl. Now in English!

Sanrio's Hello Kitty Mascot by Unknown
A cute kitty roams your desktop while you work. Now in English!

Okakke Multi v2.0 by MCA Lab
Multi is back as a mouse chaser, this time just looking cute. Now in English!

Multi the Mouse-Chaser v1.10
Multi really wants that cursor! Now in English!

Autumn Leaves by Rick Jansen
Autumn Leaves drift down and cover your desktop. Includes screen saver. New version!

Snow For Windows by Rick Jansen
Snow piles up on your windows while Santa does a flyby. Includes screen saver. New version!

Hanami by Rick Jansen
Cherry blossom viewing at its finest while you work! Update includes screen saver. New version!

 * SPC Screen Mate by MWDD and PrncssVi
Francine of the Samurai Pizza Cats keeps you company your desktop.

 * HarBaby Sprites by Jason Wang
A little kid has fun roaming and playing on your desktop.

 * Misao Mascot v1.0 by SOG
Misao dangles from a string on a pin just waiting for a push to get swinging!

 * Misao Clock v1.05.0002 by Satoh Yamato
Misao speaks the time (in Japanese) every ten minutes in this simple little clock.

 * Sailor Jupiter Clock
Sailor Jupiter tells the time!

 * Kamishibai
What does a nine-armed Octopus and a pig have in common?

 * Rim Clock
Is it sleepytime yet?

 * Neko!
Desktop Kitty!

 * Goddess Coming Down on Your Desktop
Cute, cute, cute! Girls, girls, girls!

 * Happy House
Hamster in wicker!

 * TPW Lum v1.00
Isn't Lum so cute!

 * GhostSwapper
Can you put her back together?

 * Pretty Sammy Timer
You can always count on Pretty Sammy!

 * GhostClock
Tell time by the Ghost in the Shell!

 * Tun Town Window Clock v1.0
You never know who will walk by!

 * SoftStar's Screen Mates
Aren't they just the cutest little things!

 * Emi Clock v4.2.7
Updated Emi Clock with English help files!

 * Activate Windows v2.2 with Sakura (English)
She looks good even sitting down!

 * Activate Windows with Evangelion v1.0a (English)
Window Sitters?! In English?!

 * Umi Clock v1.5.1
Umi is the cutest!

 * Babbit Clock v1.01
Hey, Babbit! What time is it?

 * Tsubaki
What will she do?

 * Maria 2
With a wave in her heart!

 * Sailor Mercury Clock and Screen Saver v2.40
Sailor Mercury runs and tells Time!

 * Nest (Egg)
Another kind of Tamagotchi

 * Rei's Eye
She's got her eye on you!

 * MikuMiku V (Alpha)
A colorful Virtual Pet!

 * Tamagotchi PC
As if caring for your computer wasn't enough!

 * PenPen
Are you feeling at all paranoid?

 * Images from Evangelion
Animated characters from the video!

 * TPW Minky v1.00
Jennifer Reitz adds her touch to TPW!

 * TPW v1.00
A simple animated face that is customizable.

 * Hudson's Honey
Honey Hoe-down!

 * Activate Windows with Rei Ayanami
Adorable Rei keeps you company while you work.

 * Pika
Cuter than a bug's ear!

 * Misa
Is it time to wake or sleep? Follow Misa's example.

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