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*Last Bronx
*Last Unicorn
*Laura Bow
*Legend of Dragoon
*Legend of Lunar
*Legend of Zelda
*Les Miserables
*Little Gloomy
*Lodoss-tou Senki
*Lord of the Rings
*Love Hina

Last Bronx
*Joe FKiss
*Yoko FKissEditor's Choice

Last Unicorn
*Lady Amalthea FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice

Laura Bow
*Laura FKiss

*Princess Lily FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice

Legend of Dragoon
*Meru FKissCKissEditor's Choice
*Shana FKissCKissEditor's Choice

Legend of Lunar
*Lucia FKiss

Legend of Zelda
*Link FKiss2
*Faerie FKiss2
*Farore FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Naryu FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Link FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Link FKiss
*Lulu FKiss2Editor's Award
*Peeps the Zelda Cucco FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Zelda Harkinian FKiss2Editor's Award
*Zelda Harkinian FKiss2
*Zelda Harkinian FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Lenore FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Lenore FKiss2
*Lenore FKiss2Editor's Choice

Les Miserables
*Eponine Thenardier FKiss2

Little Gloomy
*Little Gloomy FKissEditor's Choice

Lodoss-tou Senki
*Deedlit FKiss2Editor's Award

Lord of the Rings
*Galadriel FKiss2
*Galadriel FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Arwen Undomiel Editor's Award
*Hobbits FKiss3
*Elladan FKissEditor's Award
*Elrond FKissEditor's Choice
*Eowyn FKissEditor's Award
*Eowyn FKiss3Editor's Award
*Frodo Baggins FKiss2
*Rosie Cotton FKissEditor's Choice
*Frodo Baggins (beta) FKiss2
*Legolas Greenleaf FKiss2
*Legolas FKiss2Editor's Award
*Fellowship of the Cast FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Lúthien Tinúviel FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Luthien FKissEditor's Award
*Goldberry FKiss2
*Rosie Cotton
*Chibi Legolas FKiss2
*Theoden the King FKiss2
*Entwife FKiss

*Jodie Beretta FKiss3Editor's Choice

Love Hina
*Shinobu Christmas Special FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Mystery Promise Girl
*Naru FKissEditor's Choice
*Shinobu FKissCKissEditor's Choice