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*Madame Bovary
*Magic Knight Rayearth
*Magic User's Club
*Magical Angel Creamy Mami
*Magical Emi
*Magical Princess Minky Momo
*Maison Ikkoku
*Mama is a 4th Grade Student
*Maniac Mansion
*Mario Brothers
*Marmalade Boy
*Marvel Comics
*Masters of the Universe
*Mega Man
*Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
*Metal Fighters Miku
*Metal Gear Solid
*Might Gaine
*Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
*Mikan Illustrated Diary
*Miracle Girls
*Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
*Mobile Police Patlabor
*Mobile Suit Gundam
*Monkey Island
*Mortal Combat
*Mummies Alive
*My Dear Marie
*My Little Pony
*My Neighbor Totoro
*Mysterious Play
*Mysterious Thief Saint Tail
*Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

*Lynn Minmay FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Sharon Apple
*Sharon Apple and Myung Fang Lone FKiss

Madame Bovary
*Emma Bovary FKiss

Magic Knight Rayearth
*Umi FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Hikaru, Maya, Ami FKissEditor's Choice
*Fuu FKissEditor's Award
*Hikaru FKiss2
*Hikaru Editor's Choice
*Hikaru, Umi, and Fu Editor's Choice
*Ascot FKiss
*Magic Knight Rayearth Console Game FKiss2
*Hikaru, Umi, and Fu Editor's Choice
*Magic Knight Rayearth Playset
*Hikaru, Umi, and Fu Editor's Choice
*Umi FKissEditor's Award
*Art Book Umi FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Umi Editor's Choice

Magic User's Club
*Aburatsubo Ayanojou FKiss2Editor's Choice

Magical Angel Creamy Mami
*Creamy Mami FKiss
*Yuu Morisawa

Magical Emi
*Mai Editor's Choice

Magical Princess Minky Momo
*Minky Momo FKiss2

Maison Ikkoku
*Kyoko Otonashi FKiss2

Mama is a 4th Grade Student

Maniac Mansion
*Razor FKiss2CKiss

Mario Brothers
*Princess Daisy Editor's Choice
*Mimikins FKiss2
*Princess Peach Toadstool FKissEditor's Choice

Marmalade Boy

*Kira FKiss2
*Kira FKiss2Editor's Choice

Marvel Comics
*Psylocke FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Blink FKissEditor's Choice
*Cloak and Dagger FKiss
*Emma Frost (beta version) FKiss2CKiss
*Iron Man FKiss
*Jubilee FKiss2
*Kitty Pryde FKiss
*Kitty Pryde FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat FKissEditor's Choice
*Mirror FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Jubilee FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Jubilee FKiss
*Rogue FKiss
*Mr.Marvel: Spider-Man Edition FKiss3CKissEditor's Award
*Nightcrawler FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Penance FKiss
*Psylocke FKiss2
*Rachel Summers (Phoenix) Second Expansion FKiss2
*Rachel Summers (Phoenix) FKissEditor's Award
*Rachel Summers (Phoenix) First Expansion FKiss
*Dancing Rogue and Kitty FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Rogue FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Rogue FKiss
*Rogue FKiss2Editor's Choice
*She-Hulk FKiss
*Storm FKissCKiss
*The Invisible Woman FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*The Invisible Woman (Macintosh version) FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Rogue FKiss3Editor's Choice
*Jean Grey FKiss2CKiss
*Blink FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Wolverine FKiss2

Masters of the Universe
*Dree Elle FKiss2Editor's Award
*Eternially Etherian: The Women of He-Man and She-Ra FKiss2Editor's Award
*Orko FKiss2Editor's Award
*ORKO MOC VHTF L@@K! FKiss2Editor's Award
*Princess of Power FKiss
*Trollan Summer Festival FKiss2Editor's Award
*Frosta FKiss2Editor's Choice


Mega Man
*Mega Man
*Mega Man X
*Mega Man FKissEditor's Choice
*Mega Man X FKiss2
*Terra (Rock Man) FKissEditor's Choice
*Zero (Rock Man) FKiss

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
*Luchia FKiss3Editor's Choice

Metal Fighters Miku
*Miku, Ginko, Nana, and Sayaka FKiss2

Metal Gear Solid
*Myrel FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Samus Aran (Updated) FKiss2

Might Gaine
*Sally Yoshigana
*Sally Yoshinaga

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
*Yellow 4 FKiss4Editor's Award

Mikan Illustrated Diary
*Kikuko Kusanagi

Miracle Girls

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
*Miyuki-chan FKissEditor's Choice

Mobile Police Patlabor
*Izumi Noa FKiss2Editor's Choice

Mobile Suit Gundam
*Mikamura Rain FKissEditor's Choice
*Hamaan FKiss2
*Shakty Karin
*Shakty Karin
*Seira FKiss2

*Mirai Oozura
*Mirai Oozura

Monkey Island
*Monkey Island Color Forms FKiss2

Mortal Combat
*Mortal Combat Chess

*Rocky Horror Picture Show - Brad Majors FKiss3Editor's Choice
*Rocky Horror Picture Show - Columbia FKiss2
*Rocky Horror Picture Show - Frank N Furter FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Rocky Horror Picture Show - Janet Weiss FKiss2CKiss
*Rocky Horror Picture Show - Magenta and Riff-Raff FKiss3Editor's Choice
*Alice FKiss
*Lady Amalthea FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain - Amélie FKiss2Editor's Award
*Anastasia Editor's Choice
*Austin Powers - The Women
*Breakfast at Tiffany's - Holly Golightly FKissEditor's Choice
*The Girls of Coyote Ugly FKissEditor's Choice
*Good Omens and Dogma
*The Crow - Eric Draven
*Terminator - John Connor FKiss
*Sleepy Hollow - Katrina Van Tassell FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Labyrinth - Sarah and Jareth FKiss2Editor's Award
*Fifth Element - Leeloo FKissCKiss
*Princess Lily FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Jen FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Aliens - Ripley FKiss
*Titanic - S.S.Titanic FKiss2
*James Bond: Natalya Simonova FKissEditor's Choice
*Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally FKiss
*Swan Princess - Odette FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Moulin Rouge - Satine FKiss

Mummies Alive
*Presley Carnovan FKissEditor's Choice

My Dear Marie
*YonaYona BBS Editor's Choice

My Little Pony
*MLP Files: Boy Customizer FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*My Spooky Pony - Dark Rose FKiss
*My Little Pony FKissEditor's Choice
*Ivy FKiss2
*Berry Bright FKissCKiss
*My Spooky Pony: Imortal Love FKissEditor's Choice
*Megan and Sundance FKiss
*Sky Skimmer FKiss2

My Neighbor Totoro
*Totoro FKiss2

Mysterious Play
*Chichiri FKiss2
*Miaka and Yui FKissCKissEditor's Choice
*Hotohori FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Miaka Yuuki FKiss2
*Miaka FKiss2
*Miaka FKissCKissEditor's Choice
*Miaka FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Miaka FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Yui FKiss
*Suboshi FKiss2Editor's Award
*Tamahome FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Tasuki and Chichiri FKiss2
*Tasuki FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Tetsuya Kajiwara Editor's Choice
*Yui FKissEditor's Award
*Miaka FKissEditor's Award

Mysterious Thief Saint Tail
*Saint Tail FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Haneoka Meimi FKiss

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
*Yae FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Artemis FKiss
*Iris FKissEditor's Choice
*Morgan LeFey FKiss
*Penelope FKiss
*Hesperethusa FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Titania FKiss2