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*NG Knight Lamune & 40
*Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
*Naishyo No Kokonatsu
*Neon Genesis Evangelion
*Nights Into Dreams
*No Need for Tenchi, This End Up

NG Knight Lamune & 40
*Ace Pilots Coo and Sue FKissCKiss
*Lemonade FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Lemonade Expansion FKiss2Editor's Choice

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
*Gladys FKiss2CKissEditor's Choice
*Nadia - Team Japan
*Nadia FKiss2
*Nadia FKissCKissEditor's Choice

Naishyo No Kokonatsu

*Mell FKissEditor's Choice

*Hinata Hyuuga FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Naruto FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Sakura-Slot FKiss2XKiss (enhanced palette)Editor's Choice
*Tenten FKiss2

Neon Genesis Evangelion
*Asuka FKiss2
*Asuka FKiss2
*Asuka FKissCKissEditor's Choice
*AsukaLain FKiss2CKiss
*Asuka CKiss
*Asuka CKiss
*Rei Ayanami FKiss2
*Rei Ayanami FKiss2
*Fae'Asuka' FKiss
*Hikaru, Maya, Ami FKissEditor's Choice
*Misato Katsuragi FKiss2
*Rei Ayanami FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Rei Ayanami (Party Expansion) FKiss2
*Chibi Rei Ayanami FKissEditor's Award
*Chibi Asuka FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Nagisa Kaoru FKiss2CKiss
*Kaworu Nagisa FKiss2
*Captain Katsuragi Misato
*Misatolain FKiss2CKiss
*Misato Katsuragi CKiss
*Misato Katsuragi FKissEditor's Award
*Asuka FKiss
*Rei Ayanami
*Rei Ayanami
*Rei Ayanami FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Rei Ayanami FKiss2
*Rei Ayanami
*Rei Ayanami: A Makeup KiSS Doll FKiss2
*Rei Ayanami
*Asuka FKiss
*Rei Ayanami
*Kaoru Nagisa FKiss2CKissEditor's Award
*Shinji FKiss2CKiss
*Rei Ayanami FKissEditor's Choice
*Asuka FKiss2CKiss
*Rei FKiss2Editor's Choice

*The Lady Door FKiss2Editor's Choice

*Dora the Explorer FKiss
*Dora's Backpack: A KiSS Story Book FKissEditor's Choice

Nights Into Dreams
*Claris FKissEditor's Choice

No Need for Tenchi, This End Up
*Angel Sasami
*Ryouko Editor's Award
*Kiyone FKiss2
*Tenchi FKiss2
*Sasami FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Mihoshi Editor's Award
*Magical Girl Pretty Sammy FKiss2
*Magical Girl Pretty Sammy FKiss2
*Ryoko vs. Ayeka FKiss
*Sakuya FKiss2
*Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Editor's Award
*Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Template FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Sasami and Tsunami Mirror Set FKiss3Editor's Choice
*Washu FKiss2
*Little Washu
*Washu FKiss2